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    April 01, 2010


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    I understand the student's frustrations completely.

    If you were at last night's Board meeting you would have seen how evil six people and an incompetent interim trustee can be. Imposed permanent solutions to a temporary problem is not the answer. Bryson's arrogance showed how totally insane she is. Like a forked tongue snake she belittled the speakers and audience and tried to exercise her "bryson style" class room management techniques and she failed miserably.

    Our kids are suffering under the lunacies of these trustees. I applaud their willingness to make a statement.

    I am a CUSD teacher at DHHS. The vast majority of the teachers were dismayed by the shenanigans of a small group of students today. These were students who were taking advantage of the situation to get out of class and cause trouble. The teachers that I talked to, immediately following the incident, were dissuading their students from being involved with such hooliganism. The students I talked with supported the idea that this was just trouble-making by disgruntled students.

    At lunch, many teachers were patrolling the campus and walking the mall making sure the campus was safe. The students were having fun and going about their business.

    The students can find other ways to support their teachers than to cut classes. Let's help them get involved

    The report from CUSD is inaccurate. Again - another twist of the facts from the District. There were several hundred if not a thousand or more students in the Mall area. The MAJORITY of the students on campus refused to go to classes after their passing period for tutorial. Perhaps only 50-100 left campus. There were also SEVERAL police units, as well as at least one firetruck. Parents were picking-up their students at a rapid clip. We the teachers are saddened that the students felt compelled to do this. In their idealism they think that they can bring about change. While most had the best of intentions, many of the students were along for the "fun" of it all and did not even know why they were "protesting." Most of the teachers did patrol the campus at lunch in an attempt to keep order. Morale is incredibly low on our campus...despite the best efforts of our wonderful principal and administrators.

    It's the thought that counts. I'm totally in favor of students being politically astute and acting on their principles. It is THEIR education that is at issue anyway. GO DANA HILLS!

    r u kidding it was not fewer than 100. it was a easy 200 kids and at break it was the whole 3000 kids chanting and cheering to show that we care about our teachers

    Thanks for your efforts Down in Dana. I applaud your tenacity. Sadly, the kids actions are cheered on by a lot of irresponsible adults who think that yelling louder, or whining will bring about more $$ to fix this budget problem. It is a bad situation. The teachers didn't cause it, the board didn't cause it, and certainly the students didn't cause it...


    You are only partially correct. The students didn't cause and the teachers didn't cause it but the TRUSTEES DID CAUSE it. In case you haven't been watching or listening, and it looks like you just now arrived at the debate, over 6 MILLION DOLLARS of un-needed and wasteful spending has occured in the past 18 months. The Board broke numerous laws, paid off their political donors with classroom funds and went on a spending binge that made a bad budget problem worse. Every million dollars they wasted added to the pressures to cut salaries and benefits. So "taxpayer" you are very wrong when you state that the trustees were not at fault because more than any contributing factor they WERE AT FAULT.

    When they had choices to save money they chose to spend. When they had choices not to pay off their donors they chose to pay them off. When they had the choice to get training they chose not to. When they had the choice to work with their employees they chose to impose.

    The Board of Trustees are very responsible for this current mess and you are totally ignorant for trying to defend them in this argument. None of this would be happening if they would have sat down with our teachers and worked it out. They are dictators and tyrants and they are also stupid....like most dictators are.

    I can confirm that it certainly wasn't the majority of the school. I can also confirm that the people that were left were making fun of the protesting students. However, it certainly makes a point that this is as much about the students as it is about the teachers.

    Of course, it was not very well-organized. If a couple hundred students want to voice their opinions, why not do it at a more suitable time, such as after school, or a more suitable place, such as the CUSD board meeting?

    I am certainly going to confirm, as well, that this article extremely underplayed it. I would say it is somewhere between this article and the comment made by "Down in Dana", although the article is somewhat more accurate. The firetruck was probably due to the fire alarm going off a good 4 or 5 times throughout the day.

    Taxpayer, I disagree with you. The board completely caused the unrest. Boards throughout OC were able to deal with the same financial issues without the turmoil and waste money on PR firms, lawyers, substitute training.....

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