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    April 21, 2010


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    Wow after all this time the word "negotiate" finally comes out of Bryson's mouth!
    It took the ruin of our District to get her to the point they should have been at from the very beginning!

    Anna, I am sadden that you actually have a position of leadership. You have shown again and again to be a two-faced liar. You are in over your head so do the citizens of Capistrano Unified a favor and resign your position.

    Anna is saddened that we have decided to take this action??? Cry me a river Anna!! GIVE ME A BREAK! How many opportunities have they been given to do the right thing? At what point has the Board shown that they are pro-teacher or pro-students? Teachers have NOT been unreasonable. Teachers ARE willing to take a substantial paycut. Those 7 people and the machine behind them have forced us into this position. Let's see if they negotiate in good faith tomorrow. I'm not holding my breath. Parents, FLOOD their email boxes and phone lines and DEMAND that they compromise and be reasonable, so that teachers can get back to what they love... TEACHING!! Do not buy into their tactics and propaganda!

    Get yourself and your fellow board members into a room with CUEA and work this out. We are not interested in how you are feeling about all of this. Your sadness is not the point. Do something!

    Anna is a total and completely idiot!

    You are out of here November 2

    In the name of Jesus, STOP! Meet today and try not to use any spin, quit paying these attornees now. Let me help you, try this and it will work.

    Dear CUEA, We the CUSD Board would like to meet with you today, Wednesday April 21st, 2010. We the BoT are open to discussion about your proposal. We can't make an open promise but for the children, let's work out a deal, together. Sorry for the words, "threat of a strike" and "un-fair labor practice" they were un-needed spin as who would want to walk into a meeting with that first said and have hope of fairness. We apologize. What are you doing at 3:00 PM today? Let's meet ASAP.

    Best Regards,


    Many parents did not see this letter before and will not understand why the CUEA would not come, most only saw the chopped up press release. I understand why they would not come but that can be changed.

    Christine Balentine, Executive Director Capistrano Unified Education Association 27422 Aliso Creek Road, #100 Aliso Viejo, CA 92656
    Re: CUEA Proposal to CUSD of April 19, 2010
    Dear Ms. Balentine:
    This letter is sent in response to your letter dated April 19, 2010.
    Pre-conditioning a return to the bargaining table upon the acceptance of a negotiation proposal backed up by a threat of a strike constitutes, among other things, an unfair labor practice.
    In any event, as previously indicated, the District is willing and prepared to return to the bargaining table to commence negotiations regarding various items, including but not limited to, “restoration language” regarding the recently imposed reductions.
    The District can and will accommodate the date, April 22, 2010, you set forth in your letter. In addition, the District is available on April 27 and/or April 28, 2010.
    Very truly yours,
    John M. Rajcic

    Praying Now!

    Thursday at 6:45AM, some teachers and parents have asked to meet at the CUSD District Office flag pole and pray. If there is a strike, you can then go to the school and strike in time. Any BoT members are welcome to pray. There is such power in prayer and it's never to late.


    Pastor Pondo Vleisides, TLC

    Teachers Love Children

    Why are you striking exactly ?

    Actions speak louder than words. Your words are empty.
    Pondo's example of the statement you SHOULD HAVE MADE is right on.

    The statement Pastor Pondo gives would have been nice to see occur, but unfortunately it still does not meet the demand CUEA required acceptance of prior to meeting with CUSD to discuss anything. As nice as that sounds, I doubt CUEA's response would have been any different.

    I'm praying too.

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