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    April 22, 2010


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    I only wished that this strike was about MONEY.
    Unfortunately it is about Good vs. Evil and it is very difficult to negotiate with Evil.
    The Teachers want to teach.
    The BOT wants to destroy Public Education and replace it with Private (For Profit) Education and Vouchers.
    Simple and straight forward.
    Parents, Teachers and Students vs. Education Alliance, Beall's et al
    Good vs. Evil

    Now let's report how many kids only showed up to get credit then left school early, and how many high school kids realized that school was a waste of time today and walked out. I wonder how many kids there were by the end of the school day. I know that my elementary classroom had only 12 out of 34 kids there at the beginning of the day. My school had 100% of the teachers striking. I am so proud!!!!!

    It will be worse tomorrow. Guaranteed.

    Want to know what the seniors at ANHS had to do when they arrived at school? They were put into the gym and shown episodes of "The Office". Is that what Bryson considers quality education? Most realized quickly that it was going to be a pointless day and asked to go to the restroom at which time about 30 cars piled with seniors and other students left the campus. By the end of 1st period, the office had over 7 pages of parents calling their students out of class and there was a constant stream leaving all day. Sounds like there was some great instruction going on. And don't even ask about the substitute who rear-ended a parent and then swore at some students and teachers on the side-walk. I am sure the You-Tube video will be up later today.

    it IS good vs evil-- this board is a sick bunch of people--- seriously----I feel so bad for these teachers.....and the kids...

    I don't believe for one second that these preliminary cuts are close to being accurate. Just like the preliminary numbers for the student sick out. They were actually 3 times greater than what was first reported. Today was a disaster and tomorrow will be worse.

    Let's hope teachers can get back to the classroom soon!

    I have already emailed said video to MULTIPLE sources, including news sources. Its already on the various email lists, and I was told that CUEA and CTA have it, too. At least two teachers and one student got it on video. The wonderful scab that the board says was "vetted" called a teacher a "F***ing monkey," and another a "Mother f***er." Those taping may not have gotten the first comment, but they certainly got the second, all on tape and now digital.

    Just wait - it will make the rounds shortly. Yes, this is who the board has put in charge in our absence. Wonderful...

    My son went to middle school today in CUSD. Watched the movie "UP", then did a little math, lunch, and then the last 2.5 spent reading. He was totally bored. We support the teachers, lets all keep our kids home and maybe this will spark a bit of hope for the negotiations with this unrealistic, unbending board of trustees.

    In times of fiscal crises a responsible superintendent and Board link arms with the teachers and face the need for cuts with them. It is a given that morale (not to mention jobs) are at risk. But those who truly put kids first seek to support each other and work together. They don't use the crisis to furhter their political position.

    Not so with the current CUSD Board and their handpicked lackey "interim" superintendent. They saw these difficult times as the perfect opportunity for union busting. Last spring they opened negotiations with a slash and burn, "take or leave it" ultimatum, as opposed to an honest contract offer. Every step they took these past months has been carefully designed to provoke a strike. There was never the tiniest concern for the education of the children of CUSD. It is all about their politics and arrogance.

    Lets pray the citizens on our school district community see through this gang.

    It breaks my heart to see how successful they have been in tearing down the public's perceptions of the wonderful schools in CUSD...where teachers have persevered in the most destructive of work environments.

    To every teacher who might read this...congradulatuins on standing up to the Bully Board and walking out for our schools.

    To all the teachers and parents who support public education, THANK YOU! The lessons that were given today were PACKETS of busy work. There is no such thing as "test prep" when you give students 3 hours of packets to complete, an hour for lunch, a 2 hour movie in the MPR, and then 2 more hours of worksheets. There is no thought process, or discussion of good test taking skills. Students today were unfortunately "punished" by completing hours of worksheets, that NO OTHER students will have to do.

    We need our teacher back now! This board had NOTHING planned for this, and no "exceptional lessons" for students. All the students got out of today, was a depressing view as what education will be like if this board continues.

    In addition, the only people who are doing ANYTHING for money is the scabs, that crossed a line for hundreds of dollars. Pathetic if you ask me. Teachers are willing to taking a pay cut, and took a huge one today...

    It's not about the money. It is about a school board that is determined to ruin public education. We need to unite and remove them!

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