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    April 21, 2010


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    Kudos to the kids. They know the show must go on. Break a leg :).

    I received this regarding the ANHS performance of Little Shop of Horrors.

    Dear Theater Patron-

    As a result of the teacher strike on Thursday, April 22, our Thursday, April 22 performance of Little Shop of Horrors will be cancelled. At this time, all remaining performance dates are tentative. You may exchange your Thursday tickets for any remaining performances. We will know by Thursday afternoon if Friday’s performance will continue as scheduled. Please check your emails Thursday evening or call Mrs. Clare 949-922-3063.

    Please understand that I cannot issue a refund, but I will be making exchanges. You may make exchanges at the box office prior to the show you wish to attend; Please bring your ticket receipt or order number to the box office. Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee that you will receive the same seat. Tickets will be exchanged for the best seat possible, but I cannot make a face value exchange.

    If the strike continues past Thursday, all other show dates are tentative until the strike concludes. This will be determined on a day by day basis. We will be informing you via email if any other show dates are cancelled.

    Thank you for your understanding and support.


    Ms. Shalico Sain

    Aliso Niguel High School Drama



    Bravo! In art, as well as all things, timing is everything.

    What about all the track and field students in CUSD that qualified to compete at The OC Champs this Saturday? What a shame!

    Indeed. The board should know that their political agenda, lack of training, inability to work well with others and misspending has created a shameful situation. Our district's reputation is being trashed by seven people who have yet to demonstrate that they care or get it.

    Why has transportation to and from school been canceled tomorrow? I thought we were told it would be running?

    Teamsters won't cross the CUEA picket line. People who work in the trenches respect others who work in the trenches. If only those who work from the dais respected those who work in the trenches.

    OK, I get it. I like it.

    shame on all of you who put the kids in the middle of this.. you need to quit blaming the board! Get back to work as you work for the kids! It is almost as if the teachers are acting like children!

    Go away, shame on you. Our kids are in the middle because the BOARD PUT THEM THERE! There is nothing shameful in the actions of the teachers and the parents. And we would appreciate if you would stop making the rudest insults at those of us with a spine.

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