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    May 24, 2010


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    What exactly did the teacher's get? Looks to me like after three days of striking, the CUEA realized that they could not afford to have teachers trickle back to work. Someone tell me how the teachers won. Please don't suggest that they got respect. I don't think they were striking for respect.

    The WERE striking for respect - something this board has had a hard time showing.

    I've got an idea. How about YOU show the teachers some respect and gratitude? Instead of whining about who won and who lost, perhaps you should thank the teachers for taking that pay cut. I can see it now on cusdrecall.com and CapoKidsFirst - "Thanks Teachers!"

    I won't hold my breath. Nobody won you jerk.

    Please tell the CUEA that nobody won. They have the teachers convinced otherwise! I agree, nobody won. Thanks for the kind words.

    You're welcome.

    Teachers took a financial hit by striking. They will take another financial hit next year. Hopefully, the strike's success will be realized when this board is removed. I am not a teacher, but a parent deeply grateful to our teachers. Next we work to have their pay reinstated.

    Many teachers went on strike with the understanding that even if it didn't result in a change in the imposition forced on them, it would result in a change in November. Anything else would just have been frosting on the cake.

    If the Bealls and the rest of the friends of the board return the money to CUSD, does that count as " un-forseen future revenue?" And if so, will this money be used to restore the remaining furlough day? Hey Tony- The district cant afford to pay teachers this FRIDAY and TUESDAY. It would cost about the same as your new pool and car to have school those days. Please return the money or at least donate the pool to SJHHS and the Car to SCHS Automotive Academy. It makes me so mad to think that the budget shortfall is the same as the cost of the BOT's ocean view part time office and that I'm paying for your pool and car this weekend while I work because I cant afford to go away. Can I take a dip in your pool at least? Pick me up.

    Follow the money trail. Let's look at Sacramento. How much money actually makes it's way back the the schools? That's where the finger pointing needs to start. It's our money isn't it?

    No, it's the government's money. As a voter, you can have a voice in how it is spent. But your elected representatives make decisions on your behalf. You can reelect them (or not) to show approval. But it is not your money after it is paid.

    Victory, are you married? In healthy relationships, there are these things called "compromises." In a compromise, both sides win, and both sides lose. Teachers won a victory for what mattered most to them: respect and being allowed to vote/ratify their contract. They lost pay. The board won a victory in what mattered most to them: concessions from teachers. The board lost respect from teachers and parents.

    Declaring a one-sided victory is divisive and untrue. The teachers and board are "married" for the children's sake. And if the board can't keep this marriage afloat, I wouldn't count on shared custody.

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