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    June 21, 2010


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    This will be forwarded to all my friends, neighbors, relatives... It's not a great deal of money, but it's a great talking point for a discussion about why CUSD needs a new board.


    I agree in the grand scheme it wasn't a big amount of money. The trustees awarded over $655,000 to people that financed their elections. $100,000 came out of the general fund as a deductible. Bryson called it "only $100,000" and said it "re paid" people that were on that "enemies list". The Bealls, Russells, and others pledged to give the money back to CUSD minus attorney fees and then went back on their word.

    That money could be used to buy paper - enough to stock every elementary school in CUSD for a year. Or it could keep a few counselors on campus to help prevent suicides. The money could be used to keep a few campus supervisors working at the high schools to improve campus safety.

    Actually this money should have never been awarded to any of these people Paying off donors and supporters of your election is wrong in any context.

    Please spread around this petition.

    All voters need to know that these people took money out of our classrooms and sent it to their controllers.

    Thousands should march on Tony B's house or the RSM City Hall and demand that they keep their dirty politics out of CUSD and give us that money back.

    There were many of us who were on the "enemies list", but unlike the "self serving" Bealls and the rest of their ilk, would never move to penalize CUSD further for the petty actions of the few. Golly, I know I'm on the current "Beall enemies list", they are just smart enough (just enough!) to not write it down. Gosh, on their list and no Christmas card - darn!

    I was on the list!


    From where I am sitting, that $100,000 deductible is equal to one million box tops cut out by parents across our district to help raise money for our local schools. Or as Maddox would probably say, about 100,000 cookies sold at PTA bake sales. Seems like it is too easy for the trustees to spend money when they say it is "only" $100,000.

    This morning, at the San Juan Capistrano Coffee Chat, Jim Reardon protested his inclusion in the current recall’s listing of people who had donated to the individual campaigns of the current Board of Trustees and as a recipient of out of court settlements resulting from votes in September of 2009. Mr. Reardon stated that he had donated $250 about three years ago to Ken Maddox to assist Mr. Maddox in paying for a meeting at Sarducci’s where Steve Poizner was being introduced and that he at no time was active in the recall or election that resulted in Maddox or others being placed on the Board of Trustees. Furthermore, Mr. Reardon stated that the suit that resulted in the settlements went to a family member and not to him personally. That suit was unrelated to the lawsuits settled by the District at the same time that let to payments to others who had donated or otherwise supported the election of these trustees. Finally, the pledge to return “net proceeds” to CUSD was made by people that were involved in different suits and that those pledges did not represent or apply to him. To the best of my recollection this summarizes the statement Mr. Reardon directed to me this morning at the SJC Coffee Chat.

    This is the first time this explanation has been offered to the current recall and as a result of this information I am urging everyone involved to please separate Mr. Reardon and his family from further protestations or conversations relative to those out of court settlements. The fact that the trustees did vote to settle lawsuits that resulted in payments to their campaign donors is still a very big issue to many people. The votes to settle those cases were approved with three trustees abstaining. However, in fairness to Jim and his family, Mr. Reardon’s name should not be included in further discussions, blogs or website submissions when the subject of those out of court settlements is debated. The caporecall2010.org web site will be updated to reflect this new information.

    If any individual or candidate has questions or concerns relative to information posted on the current recall website or other literature please contact us at recallcusd@yahoo.com. The current Recall, Remove, Recover effort is committed to healing CUSD and bringing balance and sanity back to our school district. If information or suggestions can be provided to help us in achieving these goals we welcome the assistance.

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