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    July 15, 2010


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    My first impression of Mr. Alpay is that I really like what I am hearing and what he is committed to: Taxpayers, Children and Homeowners. So far, so good...

    No background in education that I can see and not one mention of the teachers. I understand the statements about no union backing. However you can still show support for the educators and not be funded by the union. He appears to just be a younger version of what we've got already. I don't get it.

    Did you get a chance to talk to the other candidate, Gary Pritchard?

    Thank you, Jonathan. That was helpful.

    I am a taxpayer, a homeowner within CUSD, and I care deeply about our children and their education. I am also a CUSD teacher. If I were John Alpay, I would avoid organized CUEA support. He's maintaining his focus, and I like it a lot!

    I will vote for John. John - please find out why the current board is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to expand the Newhart multi-purpose room, while Niguel Hills, which has the tiniest multi-purpose room of all middle schools (MUCH smaller than Newhart's) is getting nothing.

    It was clear at the board meeting hte other night that Ellen and the rest of the Beall drones feel that MUST happen before the end of their term. The Niguel Hills parents aren't loud and threaening enough.

    the Reform trustees have deep political debt to the city of mission viejo and key parents from Newhart and Capo Valley who helped drive the original recall and get them elected. it's payback time, just in time for the election

    Alpay appears ill-informed and unaware of issues beyond the sound bite stage, however, he is passionate about wanting elected office at any level. Another lawyer? I don't think so.

    Nothing in Mr. Alpay's comments tell me he is unaware of the issues, Ms. Cutter. When the candidates attend forums, which the current board members refused to do in previous elections, we will have the opportunity to learn more information regarding their positions on issues. In the meantime, anyone who is brave enough to face the threats made by the incumbents' political machine and who is focusing on what is best for CUSD and the students has my vote.

    Pathetic. He says the same "Taxpayers, Children and Homeowners" over and over, which, of course, is completely open to interpretation and thus utterly meaningless. I hate the current board of tyrants, but this is the best alternative?

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