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    July 13, 2010


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    His bio was announced on Capo Kids First yesterday.

    WOW...Mr. Pritchard is another great candidate and public school supporter! Kudos to Children's First for bringing forth 2 fantastic candidates to help restore sanity to our school district.

    I'm looking forward to learning more about these and the next 3 candidates to fill CUSD school board positions.

    "He said school board members should be working more closely with parents, teachers and community leaders, as well as working to shore up school financing in Sacramento and Washington."

    If the current board gave at the very least the impression that they were doing any of that, I am confident that they wouldn't find them in a Recall situation. Way to go Mr. Pritchard. I look forward to learning more about you.

    Capo Kids First is not a reliable source for anyone's bio.


    The site on which you find a bio is irrelevant. The important point in this election is the agendas and character of the people running. The current board failed miserably on both those counts very publicly over the past year. The time has come to clear them out and bring in better people interested in rebuilding the district over advancing their own political agendas and careers.

    The current board has done nothing that would make anyone who has objectively watched them want to keep them.

    Good Riddance. Looking forward to November!

    Yep, hold onto yer britches, everybody...Capo Kids First is stockpiling the imaginary mud to sling. And to think that Mr. Alpay is on the OC Republican Central Committee and they still go after one of their own! And about those 143 friends? I randomly looked at the profiles of some of them. Turns out that about half of the ones I looked at are actually anti-Capo Kids First, but have to "join" them as "fans" in order to post on that page. There might only be a couple of dozen folks who actually side with that group...or maybe less than that!

    So, to clarify what all of the posters on this site are referring to, the Beals and their venomous friends have created a site (Capo Kids First) that just happens to have a name VERY similar to Capistrano Unified Children First? Is that what you are saying? What a disgrace! Anything to mislead people. I guess I should not be surprised that they would stoop so low. Their hatred is so obvious in the way they continually attack teachers. I cannot wait for November 2nd! Great candidates, Capistrano Unified Children First!

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