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    July 14, 2010


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    The teachers are the union and the union is the teachers. The teachers are part of the community and the community is part teachers.


    The community IS the recall and the Recall is the COMMUNITY.

    That about right CKF?

    How about a report card on Farley's first board meeting? Any odds on if he will last longer than Smith? Coming from Anaheim, he should be made of a little tougher stuff...I hope. Was there even a full house there to welcome him?

    Turnout was low and the board (Anna) was just as inept as always - she almost "forgot" to ask for the motion to set up the recall date. Farley doesn't seem afraid to speak up (or hasn't been told not to yet) and it appears he has a grasp of what he has walked into. He is very friendly with the parents - even if they wore Recall pins - a good thing in my book. Perhaps he will realize that those who are there are the one who really care about what is best for our district and are willing to put the time in to make that happen rather than lurking in the background and talking only to reporters or the "party" cronies. Time will tell....

    Good, maybe the board did something right in hiring Farley then. Maybe he will be able to save the district, regardless of election turn out. My understanding of rumors is that only Anna is running again so the other two will have new faces on the slate of reform also- it will be an ugly and confusing election I am sure. I can only hope voters pay attention to both sides, and all issues, when voting for all their elected officials this next go around. From what little I have read so far, both nominees seem like great catches and willing to fight the hard fight. It is ironic that Alpay sits next to Beall in the OC Republican Central Committee....I would love to be a fly on that wall to hear those conversations when one leaves the room!

    This may be a dumb question, but why is this Beall guy involved in any of this? I know a little bit of the history with the other recall and all that. I've seen the "oh what a tangled web" video on youtube. I've looked at his site. I don't live in RSM. Don't know him.

    Why does the media (ie KFI, OC Register, etc.) always go to this guy for comment? He's not a trustee. He's just a politician right? He obviously doesn't represent the teacher's union. Is he the spokesman for everybody that didn't agree with the strike? Does he speak for all that don't agree with the current recall? Am I missing something? Why is he so influential?

    This is a sincere question. What's up? Why is he in the picture?

    Sorry for all the questions : )

    Because he thinks he represnts the "parents" of CUSD and controls the Republican Party. All Republicans out there need to let the party know he doesn't.

    He is also trying to make this into a partisan race which it isn't. At least the Children First group gets that - two candidates from two parties united in their support of public education. PRICELESS!

    I think Tony is obviously lacking in "certain" areas and so in order to prove himself, he's an arrogant bully who always acts like he knows everything.

    He's totally full of himself but anyone I know who has ever met him, can't stand him.

    Tony Beall, puppeteer, is more cancerous that Mike Winsten, puppet, or Ken Maddoz, puppet. But all three must go, because the puppet show is over in November.

    IMO it is because Beall actually calls the paper and the news stations. Ken and Bob show actually said so on their show because so many people complained why they had him interviewing instead of an actual CUSD board member or union representative and instead they had Tony Beall and Chris Korpi. Let’s face it, Beall is an attorney and knows how to talk, whom to talk to, and actually attempts to talk to the press- I don’t think you can fault a guy for what he is good at. Now you can have your opinions of what he says to the media once he gets their attention...but shame on the other side for not working just as hard since they are actually the main players- not just observers or third party recall leaders to get their message heard. Yes, I know they don’t have the OCGOP behind them, but why can’t they have Democrats or better organized union support? Heck, CA is a Democrat state! Get some of those Democrat dollars folks and fight fire with dollars!

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