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    January 18, 2011


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    I would hardly call any service that netted them $100,000 a "volunteer" effort.

    Hang in there John.

    These puppets of Tony's are incredibly stupid as was shown by their actions last night. Nothing they have printed or said has been accurate. They live in an alternative universe of lies and deceipt.

    Did the subject of the money Tony was supposed to return to CUSD come up when the Central Committee decided to give them an award?

    I wonder if Mike Winsten likes being tagged as a "friend" of Tony Beall's?

    If you go to ocvote.com and click on election results and analyze the data from the 2010 election it shows:

    1) Winsten's support was lowest in San Clemente and Aliso Viejo

    2) Of 297 precincts, only 15 voted against Winsten's recall, and EVERY precinct in San Clemente, Aliso Viejo, Dana Point, Laguna Niguel and Tony's RSM voted YES. There were two precincts in SJC and 13 in MV that wanted him to stay in office.

    3) 62% of the voters said Winsten needed to be removed. This was about 100 more people then wanted to remove Maddox. Maddox was elected in June of 2008 and re-elected at the same time Winsten was elected in 2008.

    That means that Winsten served for less time than anyone and had the fastest rise and the most dramatic fall of anyone in Orange County. There is no politician more unpopular and despised in South Orange County then Mike Winsten with the possible exception of Tony Beall.

    Excellent Analysis! Thank you!

    An award for service to CUSD?

    Have either of the Bealls ever actually volunteered at a school? Driving through the parking lot in a big SUV glaring at teachers and other parents doesn't count.

    They certainly are the only volunteers that I know who got a big payout for their dedication to the education of the children in this district.

    Maybe Tony should spend some time reading the news. Hateful, hysterical ranting only makes him sound like a spiteful, sore loser.

    But...the it is sad that the OC CC GOP actually thinks that the Bealls did well here and should be recognized for their good work. That tells me a great deal. The Bealls are just the tip of the iceberg. Up to now, the entire OC GOP leadership had the same mindset. So, when we speak of the Bealls we should not forget that there are others who are as dangerous, hateful, and driven by anti-public education ideology. The fight must go on regardless of the Bealls.

    What do you bet that at the next OC Republican Central Committee, OC District Attorney Tony Rackauckas will be recognized for his outstanding work in indicting former Superintendent James Fleming. Oh, that's right, all the charges were dismissed by the appeals court and the DA was scolded by the court for prosecuting a man for "doing his job." Or, maybe the OC Central Committee will honor Mike Corona for his outstanding work as the former OC Sheriff. Oh, that's right, Corona is in prison. Or maybe the OC Central Committee will honor Chris Street for his performance as OC Treasurer. Oh, that's right, Street was stripped of his ability to invest the funds in the County treasury by the Orange County Board of Supervisors when Street was found guilty of not fulfilling his responsibilities as Trustee for a former client, and in fact abusing his position. The Bealls are in good company with the O C Republican Central Committee. A bunch of liars and cheats. Hopefully the addition of John Alpay will help to turn this group around.

    Orrr..you could all join the democratic party :). Come on...you know you want to! It's kind of fun to be in the vocal minority...I've been there all my life. And judging by many of the comments here there are a lot of closet dems in southern OC. Or at least like minded souls!

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