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    January 13, 2011


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    Palazzo is pathetic. Almost as bizzare at Bryson

    Mike Darnold's work with troubled kids in this area is beyond reproach. He has helped turn around kids lives, and they and their families are in debt. For Palazzo to make a political issue about it shows that she, once again, doesn't care about kids and doesn't have a clue.

    Mike Darnold's help and dedication in helping the students should not be a political issue. His wisdom and knowledge of resources that helps needy students are priceless. Palazzo is bitter because her cronies are out of the job!

    Darnold represents everything that IS right about CUSD. For Palazzo to come out and attack him is beyond pathetic - it shows she cares nothing about our kids at all. And if she doesn't know what Mike does or how much he "gives" to our kids, she certainly does not deserve a seat on the dais.

    Mike Darnold is legendary in San Juan Capistrano when it comes to 12 step recovery programs. He is a trained and experienced counselor that has done so much for not only the kids that have gone astray into the world of addiction but also their family members that need so much support in dealing with the pain and torture of watching a child slowly kill themselves. SHAME ON YOU PALAZZO!

    It would be wonderful to see a few people step up and "explain" to Palazzo why she is wrong at the next board meeting. She won't care (she actually said her decision was "personal" - ie I don't like Mike Darnold) but she needs to be called out on this in public.

    Shame on Sue Palazzo. Many of us were hoping politics would be set aside after the voters spoke so resoundingly at the last election. Ms. Palazzo needs to understand that the days of personal vendettas are over and she needs to focus on what is best for the students. As all of the other posts have indicated, Mike Darnold IS what is best for the kids in this circumstance.

    Mr. Darnold is the consummate professional and has always put the needs of the students first and foremost. Kudos to the rest of the board members for agreeing to the contract and kudos to the City of Dana Point for entering into this agreement. The students are the ultimate winners.

    Yes - Shame on Sue Palazzo. Her expressed concern is based upon her own personal prejudice against Mr. Darnold rather than what has been and continues to be best for the students. Mike has helped many children in our district. If Ms. Palazzo understood counseling at all, she would understand that a district cannot simply put any counselor in a 12-Step program. Mike possesses years of expertise in this field and has established relationships within the district that enable him to be effective. He has done all of this with integrity, professionalism, and a caring heart.

    Does my heart good to see the majority of the board members agree

    You know Sue just hasn't been the same since that house fell on her sister.

    Patrick, has your partner Chris returned those signs?

    Dorothy, has Mikey helped you with your "little problem" yet?

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