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    January 18, 2011


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    I have several friends who teach at Hankey. Let me put it this way - they're just shocked that this hasn't happened sooner. Its always hard to separate fact from fiction from perception, but Wilbur's "style" is apparently nonexistent. There are allegations of employees literally being ordered to perform duties and hours far outside of their contractual obligations - VERY far outside. Allegedly, there have been grievance issues filed with the district. Allegedly Hankey was being audited in some form (financial, compliance, etc.), and perhaps that turned up something.

    What my friends at Hankey have told me firsthand is that the vast bulk of the faculty, staff, and even many parent volunteers are glad that he's gone. One made a somewhat knowing statement, saying that we're only hearing the tip of the iceberg; principals don't just resign at the drop of a hat without serious reasons. They say to wait, more is coming and the whole truth will come out. There's a reason that he was allegedly not even allowed on district property after his firing/resignation. He reportedly wasn't even allowed to clean out his own office.

    Yes! Let the truth come out! Here's a truth: Dr. Wilbur pushed those complacent teachers to do more than their union contracts required of them. The IB program is extremely rigorous. Some public school teachers, after years of immediate tenure and guaranteed 'stress days' are now unwilling to push themselves and their students to learn more and work harder. And they resent being asked to perform to the standards of the International Baccalaureate program. Here's another truth: public education in this country is dismal. [http://nces.ed.gov/surveys/pisa/] Those of us in the private sector are appalled by the way our public schools operate-or don't. This is just one more example of an intelligent visionary finding no place in our schools.

    We must always be careful to seek the truth and not listen to lies and innuendo. "My friend says....I have a friend who is a teacher....I hear..." are all cowardly ways of trying to destroy someone because people fear change. A change agent is never really appreciated if the people want status quo. Ok...so now we get it. We can fight for IB...the district can SAY all the want about supporting it, but what will happen is a change for the better will go by the way side. The people who are putting their angry remarks are the ones who were too cowardly to step forward. But not that they are being supported, that the voice, heart, and soul of change has been silenced, they will come with the lies. Be careful what you say or try to get people to believe. It will come back to haunt you.
    For the people who do get to work with Dr. Wilbur, he is an honest, honorable person who believes in truth, hard work and doing what is best for kids. That has always been the heart of what he does. Hatred comes from fear...fear causes people to say things that are not true...lies....For those who knew him, or saw him in action...ask yourself, deep down, would that man do anything to harm children? It is so sad when people stoop so low as to say things that are not true or they cannot support. Libel is a crime. You should be ashamed of yourselves. You are the sheep being led astray....

    Guaranteed stress days? Where the heck did that come from? Can you show me where that is? I've taught for well over a decade and I've never had such a thing. Could you please point me to where these are in the union contract, because I'd love to take a few. I once went four and a half years without an absence, including walking penumonia, a broken foot, and a mini-stroke, and I could use a stress day off. My 135 accrued sick days are just sitting there unused BECAUSE I NEVER USE THEM!

    Wilbur didn't simply push people to do more. He ordered people reportedly in more than dictatorial ways. I know one person personally who was ordered to serve on a committee or body in an unpaid capacity that would have taken many, many extra hours per week. You just can't do that. You can't order people to do things for free. in this capitalist country of ours', Lori, people actually expect to be paid for the work they do.

    Were you there, Lori? Did you witness his actions firsthand? Their teachers and staff did. Many parents are glad that he's gone. Did you read the Register article? This is the second or third administration job that he's been fired from. Apparently, things happened at Garden Grove that weren't too great and he was supposedly forced out there at the behest of the parents. When you've had that many administration gigs in that short amount of time all over Southern California the problem is with the employee, in this case Wilbur.

    Also, your link doesn't work. I guess you'll blame your former teachers not teaching you how to cut and past properly.

    He had been offered several jobs this year and he took one. It was approved on January 14. Joe has a history. You might want to do some research.

    Where did Wilbur take a job and what is Farley's history?

    How do people know he took a job? Who is the authority here? Again, you must be careful of the "truth" that comes out when someone is bound and gagged. If Wilbur is not allowed to talk, how is this information getting out...It makes you wonder.

    Wilbur may not be able to talk but his family and friends can. He has a new job. It was offered several weeks ago. He was confirmed by the school board at their regular board meeting.

    Lemon Grove Unified. Mid-90s.


    Apparently your link is as 'dismal' as you say our public schools are--try clicking on it.

    Further, you might want to do a bit more research before you start swallowing the media's blitz on public schools. For one, in recent studies, public schools actually outperformed private schools in the areas of math and science. Remember, public and private schools students go to school for the same amount of time each day--give or take a few minutes. However, many private school students are required to take religion classes. Where does this extra time come from? One or all of the four main content area classes. I am not saying there is ANYTHING wrong with students studying religion in school if that is what their parents chose for them to do, you just need to be aware that it takes away from the core content areas. Two, please remember that the private sector has a huge vested interest in making public schools look 'bad'--it is a veritable untapped source of revenue for those who seek to privatize education. "Great," you say, "privatize it all. Competition will make everything better!" A statement like this requires two assumptions, unfortunately. First, the assumption that there is no competition in public schools. And second, competition is better in all circumstances. Addressing the former, competition does exist in public schools. Under NCLB, if schools fall below a certain AYP threshold, they lose funding. Principals, teachers, parents, and students do not want to be on the losing end of the money chain. Also, competition exists between teachers as well. Through collaboration, common planning, and common assessments, teachers are finding out what works and does not work in their classrooms. Addressing the latter assumption, while competition is great, it does have its downside. If teacher A feels that he/she's job is on the line, he/she will be less likely to share his/her secrets on what makes for a successful classroom. This happens everyday in the private sector and there is no reason to believe the collaboration that currently exists will be severely curtailed if teachers are pitted against each other. Here are a few links for you to take a look at that help to prove my points (they actually do work):


    Hmmmm, after a pretty extensive search I found nothing on Farley being fired from Lemon Grove School District. Maybe "Truth" can enlighten us with some sources?

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