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    January 18, 2011


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    @jconnors--I think Truth meant Scott Wilbur was just hired in Lemon Grove.

    @Truth--I haven't seen that on any board minutes/agendas to confirm.

    I interpreted Truth's post to mean that Wilbur took a job with Lemon Grove in the mid-$90K range to get away from Farley, who has a very "mixed" reputation. I would like to hear Truth's details, though.

    Which Lemon Grove Minutes is truth privy to? Online show no hiring of Wilbur.

    37.) Lemon Grove school chief put on leave
    San Diego Union-Tribune, The (CA)
    Author: Steve Schmidt STAFF WRITER
    Publish Date: December 4, 1996
    Word Count: 332
    Document ID: 116C4A67B7B112E2

    Joseph Farley, superintendent of the Lemon Grove School District, has been placed on paid leave as part of a school board decision veiled in secrecy.

    District trustees declined yesterday to explain the move, except to confirm that they took the extraordinary action during a closed-door meeting on Monday.

    "It's a confidential matter that's being dealt with by the governing board," said board President Lewis Zollinger.

    13.) Lemon Grove schools chief out
    San Diego Union-Tribune, The (CA)
    Author: Steve Schmidt STAFF WRITER
    Publish Date: February 13, 1997
    Word Count: 506
    Document ID: 116C4AFD651030EC

    Departing in a shroud of secrecy, longtime educator Joseph Farley has left as superintendent of the Lemon Grove School District, officials announced yesterday.

    In a press release issued yesterday morning, the district said school board members voted late Tuesday to "end their employment relationship" with Farley, 46. They agreed to pay Farley $100,000 to buy out his contract, which was not due to expire for at least two years.

    Ok, so we are looking at 15 year old stories that really say nothing. These sore of things happen all the time with superintendents and school boards, especially in Capo as of late. Do tell, what do you know about his dismissal from Lemon Grove?

    ok truth you showed where Farley got kicked out, where is the truth that Wilbur got hired several weeks ago and is confirmed at their regular board meeting for 90K? Do you work for Lemon Grove?

    Truth didn't say Wilbur went to Lemon Grove. Just that he took a job and was confirmed on 1/14/11 at some board's meeting.

    We now know Farley was ousted from Lemon Grove in the mid-1990s. And unlike all the CUSD supers who've been ousted or quit -- there is no public record of why. So it was some political, not criminal, reason. He was paid off, so it's not likely a contract violation. And there was no public outcry, which means little love was lost or little public scrutiny was taking place.

    Truth, do you know anything about the LG board fifteen years ago? Or who replaced Farley?

    reality- the way I read this- Truth is saying Lemon Grove Hired Wilbur- even has salary listed:

    Wilbur may not be able to talk but his family and friends can. He has a new job. It was offered several weeks ago. He was confirmed by the school board at their regular board meeting.

    Lemon Grove Unified. Mid-90s.

    Posted by: Truth | January 21, 2011 at 07:27 PM

    THURSDAY, MARCH 03, 2005

    Last Notice: Goal Achieved
    I am proud to announce that the goal of this forum has been met. At approximately 12:30 PM, today, March 3rd, Dr. Wilbur announced his resignment from position of principal at Mira Costa. This came after a heated Board Meeting yesterday, in which over 250 students, teachers, and parents attended to speak out against the very acts described on this page. The most staggering occurence came with the amount of students at the meeting, all attending to oppose one of Dr. Wilbur's opinionated decisions. Many gave speeches, all had their voice heard, and in the end, they made a difference. Most students do not realize that they have the hidden power to change problems at their school at their own accord, and a will-enforcing man is not justified in standing in their way. Dr. Wilbur is kind, friendly, and outgoing, but he was not fit to remian Principal of our high school. We are too diverse, too modern, too righteous, and too strong. Because of Dr. Wilbur's resignation, the AP requirements have been restored to their original standards, the mural will go unchanged, the Ed Council will regain its power, iPods will not be banned, and Mr. Olson, Mr. Hernandez, and Mrs. Johnson will all regain their positions. This was all accomplished because students spoke out against what they believed was wrong, and in the end their goal was met. Now, there is nothing left to do but bask in the pool of victory and wait as we are ushered into the new era of democracy, equality, and justice. But it is not over. There will always be times to stand up for what you believe in and to fight for what is right. So please, I ask you again, speak your voice. In the last days of the forum, speak your mind about the course of events during Dr. Wilbur's time in office and post your ideas for a better future at Mira Costa.

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