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    March 21, 2011


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    If they had put half the amount of effort it took to become convicted felons into their studies, this sad story wouldn't mark the beginning of adulthood for two privileged young men.

    I'm so glad these guys got caught.

    I heard Tony Beall was trying to recruit them to run for the board. They had the same moral fiber as his other candidates.

    I think he got off easy...

    He and his friends were spoiled, overprivileged brats who got off easy. I'm sure his parents spent thousands of dollars on attorneys which could have gone towards his education.

    If you read the AOL report it hasn't hurt him too, too much. He has already graduated from a junior college with high honors and is a Junior in a UC college wanting to be a shrink with children; but he's upset that this unearned felony may stop him from being a doctor. It's not his fault that he got a F in Spanish because he took the day off for prayers and his grades went downhill from there. I think his Spanish teacher didn't believe him, maybe saw him at the local hang outs and therefore said no make-ups.....Yes, high school puts a lot of pressure on kids to succeed...but so does life, and that is what high school is preparing them for. After reading the AOL article, I agree with MVMom and I believe he still hasn't learned his lesson and his working with the orphaned kids now is probably only part of his community service hours- not hours from the heart...too bad- because it sounds like he could have done so much more with his life.

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