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    April 11, 2011


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    Would the SC Times and all its affiliates be willing or allowed to offer Oxford Preparatory Academy free advertising in all our local papers? I am certain that they would like this great news and opportunity to reach ALL the wonderful members of our community.

    Howard Gardner's theory dates back to 1983. It was the focus of my teaching training in 1990. What a crock that it would be the focus of a charter school nearly 30 years later as an innovative approach to learning.

    Why do students need a current grade report to enroll?

    Because their test scores won't demonstrate the superiority of charter schools if they let just anybody in.

    Cherry Pickers.

    They'd love my kids.

    Oxford?They have got be kidding. Is this like one of those t.v. ads for pay for college education programs? It may be a good school. But Oxford? Will they have a British accent like my grandmother's? And what does Oxford University have to say about this? Next, it will be Harvard Charter School? That should make the upwardly mobile happy. The school may be good, but the name is ridiculous. Aah, Orange County! The advertised name is everything and a shopping mother at Vons can feel proud to announce her daughter's new school. Will they be driving a Jaguar? Oh, I forgot, they are now made by Ford.

    gist...sorry, you blinked. Jaguar is now owned by Tata of India.

    Another new charter school, Community Roots Academy, is opening as well. The methodology is Project-Based Learning which might be considered more innovative.

    Did I miss this info on the district website? Hoping they intend to advertise this school to all constituents in CUSD.

    With all the cheating and lack of integrity popping up in charter schools today, it's hard to believe we are welcoming one like Oxford Preparatory Academy into our district. It's even more difficult to believe that parents would pull their kids out of their neighborhood Capo schools to put them in a school that claims to be innovative! For our community's parents to believe Howard Gardner's theory is cutting-edge, Oxford's sales pitch must be brilliant!

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