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    May 31, 2011


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    Do you think ANYONE is going to learn anything from this ugly chapter in CUSD? It just sickens me to know how many outstanding people CUSD lost because of the malicious, reprehensible behavior of the entitled, extremist "Reform" group. Does anyone remember McCarthyism? Hopefully the pendulum is swinging away from reactionary political partisanship and back to rational, informed civic participation.

    Thanks for the update, Jonathan. I would like to see this news get the same "legs" as the current "Reform group" smear campaign over Brown Act allegations. That's the next "Red Scare" Capo's facing. The hope that anyone has learned IS the key. We need to keep voters informed about the watchdogs' and reformers' past tactics, so they are recognizable now.

    I am happy for Susan. She did not deserve to have her life and life's work destroyed by the thieves, who manufactured the entire debacle.

    Hey Tony,

    Where's the money you owe us????

    Tony - have your buddies Tom and Reardon pay us the money back too.

    what dirtbags these settlement recipients are!

    Any lawsuit that comes of this should be against the crooks that led the battle and took the money from CUSD. AND it should get at least the coverage that this issue got when they worked hard to smear the reputation of Fleming and McGill and CUSD. OUR kids contine to suffer from all of this. As noted above, we lost many, many OUTSTANDING teachers, principals and administrators because of it. Who should pay? Those that "settled" so they could get money from the district before the lawsuit was dropped - I smell some very large rats in all of this.


    I'm sure the Register can offer an unbiased and in depth expose of this whole affair. I would hope that a seasoned and well respected journalist at the Register could be put on this assignment. Maybe they could ask Steven Greenhut to come back from his post at the Pacific Research Institute to cover this issue. He really seemed to have a good grasp on what was going on when Fleming and McGill were indicted.

    It's time to pay back the kids of CUSD!

    Anyone who champions Steven Greenhut as "unbiased" is joking, right? I don't want to misjudge RegisterReader again. But I thought I'd throw out a decent analysis of the illogical thinking our county leadership is becoming famous for:


    Greenhut and the PRI are hardly an "unbiased" opinion RegisterSupporter - I mean RegisterReader. The Register truly doesn't know how to write an unbiased piece when it comes to CUSD. Nice try....

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