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    May 06, 2011


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    This news is disappointing but not a big deal

    I am not a teacher but the action to restore furlough days and pay cuts was still correct and the trustees have already "cured" that action in open meetings. This is a non-issue relative to the big issues CUSD faces.

    However I did note that the DA's office, run by Beall crony Tony R, failed to mention that there were also Brown Act violations under the "reform" board too. Why did they skip over all of those years? Think someone is coaching them?

    Indeed, the OC Republican machine is corrupt and incestuous. Makes me want to puke.

    Odd timing on this...right after the board asked for judicial dismissal of Reardon's lawsuit as frivolous. Will the "acceptance" of this letter have any standing in that action?

    And why is the DA stepping in again now after a 2 year hiatus?

    I really am appalled at the utter lack of ethics on the part of the DA. We need a superhero.

    I'm confused. The article seems to be saying that this Board is responsible for what the other Board did. So, since the old Board received the sanctions, wouldn't such logic dictate that the old Board be legally responsible for what this Board does or doesn't do?

    I don't think any other board has ever achieved a trifecta before.

    YAWN...this is a non issue. Let's move on to deal with real problems and issues our children and schools are facing.

    Pure politics on the part of the DA, who is a friend of the prior board and those who were just recalled. Time for a new DA. This one doesn't know the meaning of justice.

    You are absolutely right PSS - didn't he notice that his friends "lost" in the last election even with the "backing" of the Register? I just wish the trustees could be allowed to focus on what is important - the education of our kids. They are trying but Reardon is trying to throw up roadblocks. Wonder why?....

    Why is it that the same people keep getting involved in so many diverse issues? Could there be a connection between all of these people? The same names keep coming up again and again.

    Is the DA concerned with this alleged Brown Act violation but not any of the others? Oh wait...he did care 2 years ago but not since...until now. What triggers his investigations into some violations but not others? This is all very confusing.

    Wow, and look what came out today as well, Fleming got his last remaining charge dropped, how convenient.


    Are we trying to detract from the fact that certain people got paid money for this so called enemies list? Hm. Same people do keep coming up, Reardon is one of them.

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