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    May 16, 2011


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    What Brown isn't telling you is that he is going to siphon tax dollars from the state treasury and personally put it into CUEA's coffers while allowing all teachers to retire after five years on a $200k a year retirement package.

    Thanks for the comic relief, RegisterReader. I needed that.

    Thanks RegisterReader. I laugh every time I even see that propaganda in a news rack

    Woo hoo!!! I can retire now at age 30 making $200,000 a year! Thank goodness RegisterReader filled me in on my new bonus!

    Wow RegisterReader! I've missed my retirement date by 25 years! Who knew...

    Yup, if it's written by the OC Register it must be true. Sorry I missed the article, but canceled that news rag a couple of years ago. I also fled the Republican Party about the same time.

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