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    May 11, 2011


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    CUSD teachers are amazing! Over the years I have observed that the overwhelming majority work tirelessly to ensure our children's success and advocate individually and through their union for our schools. Once again they are demonstrating leadership, professionalism and tremendous class by enthusiastically coming back to the bargaining table to help solve our budget shortfall. With all the acrimony and distrust that led to last year’s strike, it’s remarkable that our teachers have so quickly “turned the other cheek” and found the strength to trust our district administration and Board. As a parent and taxpayer, I am very grateful to all the teachers of this district for all they do everyday in the classroom and for their much needed support in getting the district through these terrible financial times.

    This is the way the process should happen. Thank you Vickie for standing up for the teachers of CUSD and representing them in the face of the personally targeted vitriol you have suffered. You would probably say it is the job you signed up for. Well, you did it very well, with class and professionalism and just the right touch of fight!

    It's all a matter of trust this time.

    Can't say that I am impressed with V.Soderberg. What's best for kids and for education is not in her interest. She's a union gal, through-and-through. Don't believe me? Ask the hundreds of teachers who got RIF'D this year...again....for the 3rd, 4th, 5th time...and many of them excellent teachers! No changes. Same song and dance......

    Hey Sorry,

    What do you expect the other teachers to do? Take never ending pay and benefits cuts forever? At some point, you just can't give anymore. You can't keep robbing from Peter to pay Paul without bankrupting Peter. Over the past few years, we've nee frozen on step and column (illegally), taken a 10.1% pay cut, unpaid furlough days, and had our benefits altered. Now, we're being asked to take more cuts. What more do you want from us? Do you want to take so much that no teacher can afford to live here and teach in CUSD?

    Sorry is one of those people who look on from the sidelines, don't get involved, don't get informed, and then pass judgement on others with absolutely no idea...except that he feels cheated by the downturn in the economy and has to blame somebody else.

    Mystified, it may seem like there are a lot of Sorry people out there but I think the tide is turning. Hang in there!

    Sorry- do you think the old board had the kids' interest at heart? Paying off their cronies, hiring who-knows-how-many lawyers, refusing to negotiate in good faith with teachers, putting down PTA moms who work tirelessly for the schools and kids? I have a friend who has taught for 10 years now. He was RIFed for 3-4 years in a row. He didn't get a notice for the last 2 years. Does that make him less of a great teacher, does that mean he should take even more of a cut to make sure others don't get RIFed? I'm not sure anything would really truly make you happy. I agree, Jollygirl, the tide IS turning. Unfortunately, the economy and budget are not, but we will continue to work WITH the current board, superintendent and others to do the best we can with the least amount of damage. NONE of the scenarios are good- even if we DID keep the teachers who got RIFed this year.

    Vicki Soderberg is, first and foremost, a teacher. She has a long and remarkable career as an educator. She was a leader among both students and colleagues at her school sites. Her leadership led her peers to elect her to represent them. She cannot be dismissed as self-interested or "a union gal" by anyone who knows her.

    Hey - my paragraph is a compliment to V.S. Funny how you rose to her defense! She's a union preson, through-and-through. She knows her "job" and she does it. The issue is this: unions don't look out for the best interest of the kids. They represent some of the teachers. Come on - be honest. Why is it mandated that teachers belong to a teacher's union in California? What is this tenure thing with public educators? The stories I could tell about the teachers with tenure....Are you teachers afraid of being hired on "merit" rather than years experience? As for pensions, ALL public employees need to review the process by which pensions are decided -not just teachers.

    My beef is with the EXCELLENT teachers who are being let go, while the weak, mediocre teachers are kept. This is ethically and morally wrong! Soderberg, if she is a true educator, knows this. However, the "unions" fight to keep this right of tenure! Soderberg works for the unions. She sold out.

    Oh, and "Jollygirl" - I am a teacher - a very real player in this game. Chew on that, baby, and swallow your judgmental comments.

    To address your "issues":

    What is morally wrong is ageism, and unions protect teachers against it. "Tenure" is nothing more than the promise of due process when applying subjective criteria such as merit, excellence, weakness, and mediocrity. It must be proven.

    Teachers unions fight for better working conditions for classroom teachers and their students benefit. No teacher in California is "mandated" to belong to a union -- private schools exist without unions -- but most teachers prefer the working conditions offered by collective bargaining.

    Vicky Soderberg did not "sell out" and she works for her colleagues as president of Capistrano Unified Educators Association. It is nonsensical to say that "all public employees need to review the process by which pensions are decided." They do.

    Finally, teachers ARE hired on merit, and CUSD has traditionally attracted the best candidates. That is changing. I would venture a guess that one of the reasons is the condescension that CUSD teachers sense from people who anonymously post such enlightened thoughts as "chew on that, baby" and then claim to be teachers.

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