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    June 29, 2011


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    Carter is a good man and the ANHS community will be very pleased with him. As for Salter.

    From my understanding, the process for choosing a new principal is very lengthy with one-on-one interviews, written performance tests, and group interviews with parents, teachers, and district administration. How is it that Carter has the position so quickly? CUSD no longer just hires from within and all qualified candidates must jump through the same hoops of fire in the hopes of being chosen. Capo Valley has had an opening for some time and yet no new principal has been named. I am not saying that Carter is not the best candidate for the position, but I am puzzled by how quickly he has been named (especially since the opening at ANHS was just announced).

    The opening was just announced publicly but the district probably knew much longer about the plans for Salter. Could be that they have already decided who will fill the CV opening but for reasons unknown can't make the announcement...or want to look further for the right match.

    I'm not certain, but I think the process described by Shorecliffs Mom is only used some of the time. The process seems to be tailored to the situation -- the amount of turmoil in the school, the level of parent participation, etc.

    Thanks jollygirl and friend. I am just trying to wrap my head around it all. The "new" interview process is for all principal positions. Dr. Farley described the process in length at a recent meeting I attended. I completely appreciate the thoroughness that the district is going through to find the best match for each school. A principal makes a school, just as much as the students, parents, and teachers do. However, how can a district pull from the best candidates throughout the area if the position was not posted in advance? Do you think they just pulled from the candidates who applied for the DHHS and CVHS openings?

    With the two openings (Dana and Capo) the entire process of interviewing for principals has been going on for some time - same process as before. Because of that, the district most likely has a group of candidates ready to go and sounds like they are just matching them up to the appropriate school. If ANHS came up in the middle of that (or even last week) there is no reason that a quick review of candidates would not have highlighted Carter as a good match. Not a huge mystery or change that I can see. The mystery is why no one has been named for Capo which is the position that has been open for the longest period of time. Wonder why?

    I heard that Carter applied for the Dana position so he probably went through the process then. Also, Carter is well know and liked by the community in Aliso Viejo because of his time spent at DJAMS. It would not surprise me at all if Farley thought Carter would have been a good match at Dana Hills but a much better match at ANHS because of Carter's reputation in the community.

    Congratulations to Mr. Carter. Your knowledge, professionalism, ability to work with parents, respect for staff, and your genuine concern for the students bodes well for your success as a high school principal. Maintain your enthusiasm, don your running shoes, and take your vitamins. You will need it.

    "Save CUSD" nailed the process right on the head. The replacement of Salter has been brewing for a period of time and it was not a "last week" decision. Period! I've meet Mr. Carter a couple of times and I got the impression that he strongly believes it take a "team effort" and mutual respect for all to get the job done. Not so with "Charles"

    CVHS has a quality faculty, a great campus, strong student pride and a history of outstanding academic and athletic achievement. The big drawback is MVMom. Would you want to work with her and her buddies? They spent years of whining, moaning, complaining as well as attacking those who didn't agree with them. They fractured the PTA, which is difficult to do. Most mom volunteers are strong and put up with a lot of flack for the sake of the students. However, MVMom and her bosom buddy managed to run a lot of good people away from the PTA with their disruptive and nonproductive behavior. Those who have been around for a few years know exactly what and who I am writing about.

    Hopefully the Superintendent will recommend to the trustees an outstanding leader who can nurture the good qualities of CVHS and support the PTA and booster parents who want to put politics aside and work for what is in the best interest of the school and the kids.

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