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    June 29, 2011


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    Thanks for the links Mr. Volzke. I have had kids at Aliso Niguel for the past 5 years and have nothing but good memories of their schooling and their principal. He will be missed. I also liked the Children First link - very current and I see there is a board meeting tonight! I think I will head on over there to see what is discussed about the effect of the approved State budget will have on our kids. Will also perhaps be able to make a comment or two on the new and old board members and on who appears to need to be replaced.

    Hard to lose sleep watching this man leave Aliso. This guy should have been shown the door years ago when it came out that he lied on his application, to the teachers and to the students about being a Ph.D. For YEARS he insisted ou being called Dr. Salter.
    We are supposed to be role models. Some role model.

    Salter, 'principal on special assignment' is code for he's looking for another job but hasn't found one yet and the District doesn't want to disclose all of his problems as a leader, that most aren't aware of. His ten year tenure proves that a school can shine even with a weak/poor leader. All of the teachers at ANHS should be thanked for enduring his poor leadership and providing such a high level learning environment. Just think what accolades this school could have reached with an average to good leader. Just a simple observation from a fly on the wall at ANHS.

    We became a National Honor School and a Blue Ribbon School in just two years under Steve Lawrence. We've done nothing comparable since in ten years under Salter's "leadership."

    That should say it all.

    Salter was the epitome of morality and that is why he stopped those oversexed teenagers from doing the freaky freaky at school dances. Who cares about Blue Ribbons and National Honors? We need more moral leaders like Dr. Salter leading our schools. Thank you OC Register for not passing up the opportunity to honor this great man.

    I'm still waiting for you to post your brilliance at the Patch. Or are you already there under another name?

    Well-my kids have only been at ANHS for 5 years but I do remember the dancing issue. Most if not all parents (except a few parents of seniors) were in agreement with Salter and grateful for his stance. Dancing has not been an issue since then (and it continued to be at other schools). Sounds to me like it is some of the teachers that didn't like Salter but parents appreciated his attendance at most all events, regular communication and concern for the kids. Academically the class this year has been noted at the very best in years and I have scores of friends who send their kids to top colleges - UC and beyond. API continues to rise each year. Will Carter do more? Perhaps a "new" face and approach will make things even better but Salter's ten years at ANHS have not been a time of "suffering". I wish him well and thank him for his time with or kids.

    Poor Mr. Salter cannot defend himself against anonymous attacks. I see an outstanding high school that has improved year after year. Difficult to do without a quality principal. Mr. Salter certainly should be able to share in the sunshine of ANHS accomplishments. I also respect him for his no nonsense attitude regarding cleaning up unacceptable dancing at school dances.

    Thank you for your efforts at ANHS, Mr. Salter. You are a big part of the history of ANHS and its outstanding reputation. We know it is impossible to not step on the toes of some when doing what you think is right and best for the school. All good leaders run into that situation at one time or another.

    Whatever your next assignment, good luck to you, and know there are many people who are thankful for your leadership at ANHS.

    Salter's ten years at ANHS have not been a time of "suffering"

    Tell that to the employee who was attacked by a student this past year - physically attacked - and salter refused to do anything about it, in violation of the school discipline policy, not to mention common sense. This same student then attacked two other students later on who didn't have to be assaulted, had Salter simply followed the rules. Tell that to the faculty and staff members who have been verbally harangued by him IN FRONT of students. Tell that the the football kids. When Salter showed up, he told then-Coach Joe Wood that he was going to take his Cadillac football program and turn it into a Volkswagen. Looks like he did just that. I could go on but it isn't worth it. What's done is done.

    The bottom line is that parents see a facade. They do not see what lies beneath. If you were there behind the scenes you would understand why not a single person in the ANHS auditorium offered even a vaguely teary eye when he mentioned to the staff that he didn't know for sure what he was going to be doing at last Thursday's final staff meeting. There was not a murmur of support for him, no calls of, "We hope you stay," nothing, just silence.

    I actually do wish him well. I take no sadistic joy or glee in his ouster. I am happy that the ANHS family can move on and improve, hopefully, under new leadership.

    Let's not forget eliminating Latin and replacing it with Lacrosse. Yeah, that was a great move!

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