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    June 16, 2011


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    Congratulations! Ryan sounds like a very accomplished student and a caring member of the community. I look forward to seeing his contributions at the CUSD Board of Trustees' meetings.

    This is just WRONG! Do the parents understand that the board is in the pocket of the UNION! What parent in their right mind would allow their child to be exposed to the UNION extremists on the Board? Hopefully Addonizio and Palazzo can offer a fair and balanced perspective to this student.

    Okay. I'm standing by first diagnosis of RegisterReader. She is certainly NOT a supporter of the students, parents, teachers and communities supported by CUSD. I can't write this off as satire -- or even intelligent thought. Perhaps it was the steady dose of propaganda the Register fed her.

    Too much caffeine can do strange things to a person. At least, I hope its only caffeine.

    It is hard for Registerreader to accept that students are intelligent young men or women that really, really will take their job seriously and work FOR the students and their education. No outside influences - just for the kids. As using Addonizio and Pallazo as people the student should listen to that would be good I suppose - he can see just what anti student, anti education (especially public education) and outside influences look like. Thanks RR!

    And all the best to Ryan! Our recent student advisors have done a great job and expect he will continue that legacy.

    Register Reader's comments are, in my experience, always intended to be satirical.

    Register Reader is hilarious. Thanks for bringing some levity to the conversation.

    Reality Check,

    If your "diagnosis" is the disease of being RIGHT in the eyes of the ONE true GOD, then I am terminally ill. Let's not forget that the first "Soviets" were essentially unions and look how those unions took down capitalism in Russia and brought about an atheistic regime that ended freedom for millions of people. That is what the CABAL in CUSD which is made up of self serving administrators and self centered UNION thugs intends to do across this great nation of ours. I am scared for this young man's soul!

    Ryan should be safe as long as your disease is not contagious, Register Reader. It is ironic that you admit self-righteousness is fatal. I pray you are right. (That was a pun in return for your satire.) Enjoy your newspaper.

    I have had Ryan as a student, and he is an amazing young man. He has a mind of his own, and will add excellent ideas and perspective to the board...all of the board. Way to go, Ryan!!

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