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    June 20, 2011


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    How long will it take Winsten to claim credit for this?

    'Not As Bad As They Thought'

    Once again, the raging lone liberal at the Register, Scott Martindale, sneaks another one of his bias filled pieces into the paper. Why doesn't the LA Times doesn't offer him a job?

    I must say congratulations to the parents of these schools though. Because these parents collectively came together and took on the public employee unions a few years ago in the elections we were able to bring in Winsten, Lopez-Maddox, Palazzo, Addonizo, and Christensen and together they brought in the change that was necessary for these schools to improve. With Christensen out now, Capo Valley's ranking next year will surely fall. Thank God Addonizio remains on the Board because without her Aliso Niguel's ranking would surely fall next year beyond Capo Valley's soon to be abysmal ranking.

    So wrong - thank heavens Gary Pritchard is on the board representing the Aliso Viejo area and Lynn Hatton representing Capo.

    The CUSD Report

    Promoting Balance and Sanity in the Capistrano Unified School District

    Volume #1

    More lawsuits from the Same Folks!!

    Complaints against CUSD have been filed by “enemies list” out of court settlement recipient, Jim Reardon, and lawyer Wayne Tate. Both men are known as long time opponents of CUSD, public education and our teaching professionals. This lawsuit threatens to reverse the restoration language in the agreements with the teachers and classified employees. Their supporters, Trustees Addonizio and Palazzo, who approved these agreements last year, are willing participants in these new efforts to create chaos and disruption in CUSD.

    Bogus attorney fees!!

    Trustees Addonizio’s and Palazzo’s latest stunt was to retain Dana Point attorney Craig Alexander to represent them against CUSD. Alexander (who has been active in The Education Alliance, an anti public education PAC), is a personal injury attorney (read: ambulance chaser) and ally of Tony Beall and Jim Reardon. Alexander, with Palazzo and Addonizio’s support, just submitted a bill to CUSD for over $14,000! This outrageous attorney expects CUSD to pay him $320/hour! That money will come right out of the classroom and the education of the District’s children.

    Act Now!!

    Tell the trustees that this is wrong and that they shouldn’t approve these payments. Contact them at their District emails and let them know how you feel: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], and [email protected].

    Just as important, support the effort to remove Sue Palazzo from office in 2012! Palazzo is up for re-election and all indications are that she wishes to run again and continue her campaign against our schools. Support our friends at Children First with a contribution to the 2012 campaign. Please click on this link and donate to the 2012 campaign effort http://www.capounifiedchildrenfirst.org/donate.php.

    Protect the gains we made in 2010 and invest in the protection of our schools. Make your $99 annual contribution to Children First now.

    Thank you for your support.

    From what I heard, you have to apply to be on that list. So I would assume that there are many great high schools that didn't bother to do so.

    Yea, because who would want all the downside of being named one of the nation's greatest high schools.

    Just a little raincloud on any parade, aren't you, MVMom?

    Congrats to ANHS and CVHS!!!!

    There were probably many high schools that did apply and did not get the ranking.

    I am tired of people seeing CUSD schools and teachers as all bad. Even with good news some people see something to complain or pick at and explain away. I apologize to you if you are not one of these people.

    CUSD has great schools, students, parents, teachers and administrators. CUSD like any other district does have some poor teachers and administrators but to label the whole district as bad because of a few individuals is wrong.

    I am sorry if something happened to you or your child that you did not agree with or that was wrong but many of us feel that our children are getting a good education. Not perfect but good.

    I, as a parent, try to celebrate the good and try to address and change the bad whether it is with an individual or policy.

    I notice that Penny Patch couldn't bring herself to write about this and another reporter had to do it. So sorry, Penny, that CUSD had some good news! I hope you're not too depressed over it.

    MV Mom can't deal with any good news about CUSD even when it is her high school that was one that got ranked. Trashing CUSD is an art that she and her pals have perfected but the rest of us prefer to celebrate the victories. This is clearly one of them. I think I will donate to Children First to celebrate!

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