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    July 14, 2011


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    Has anyone heard what is happening with the Charter School? Is OPA going to be at Barcelona Hills? Do they have teachers hired? If I was sending my child there I would want to know who would be teaching the classes. Anyone know what's up?

    Another single white male administrator from Anaheim.

    Guess Joe wants his "buddies" close.

    Ummmm - a little concerned that all the people rambling about not enough females don't know that Beverly DeNicola, who just retired, was the principal of the Adult Education school for SEVERAL years. She was then promoted to a district level position and then finished out her remaining years returning to the principalship of Adult Ed. Do a little bit of homework before you start spouting please.

    As a Daisy -
    Are you implying that Astor and Allemann "bat for another team?"

    There are 3 male and 3 female activities directors, although that changes on a yearly basis with the turnover in the position.

    The point is that there were 4 high school principal openings in RECENT months and not one went to a female. Really? Not one female was competitive and qualified?

    Count up the number of female teachers compared to male teachers at the elementary schools. Then do a ration comparison with male and female principals. Same with middle school.

    CURRENTLY there are no female high school principals. The ones that were promoted in the past (Carolyn, Sherine, Deni) were excellent principals and were promoted.

    Farley obviously knows what he is doing! The morale is high in the district and things are getting back to normal rather quickly. Let's be happy for the new appointees and let them show what they can do. Instead of second guessing why they are white males from Anaheim, can we try to give them a chance to prove themselves??

    I agree that Farley knows what he is doing.

    Farley is comfortable working with white males. If they "bat for another team" from his perspective, so much the better.

    At least "under" Fleming, women had a shot.

    As a daisy,

    Farley is NOT the only one on that interview committee. It is comprised of several people including women, who I guess, according to your thoughts, are also comfortable working with white males. I'd be curious to see how many women are applying for these jobs. I happen to know a female administrator in this district who is waiting for the right position to come along. She could have applied for many of the positions you are complaining about, but wants to make sure it is a good fit. Perhaps it isn't a matter of Farley only considering the white males, but many other factors, as well. Don't worry - you will see others besides those pesky white males who will be securing these jobs.

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