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    July 14, 2011


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    I actually like the fact that Farley has connections to his district. Yes, people say that the process ensures the best candidates are chosen, but those of us in the "know" know better. Like many businesses, sometimes it is who you know that lands the job. Farley knows these administrators and would never "recommend" them to CUSD if he didn't have full confidence in their professionalism and skills.

    As for Dr. Astor's credentials (which are wonderful), they don't really mean much if he can't do the job. His experience, expertise, and abilities are what I look forward to seeing. New blood is good for CUSD. We were a bit entrenched in the "good ol' boy" newtwork. Kudos for recruiting what looks like a positive addition to the CUSD administrative team.

    I believe United States International University is now known as Alliant International University. They have a campus in San Diego and probably offer on-line courses. I believe several teachers in this district are familiar with it because they have obtained masters degrees from there.

    I miss the days when principals were educational leaders.

    The three principals hired recently are so similar they could share resumes. They are young, have taught for about 6 years and have been assistant principals for between 8 and 10 years. Very personable men.

    They are all quality men who will be outstanding administrators. But they may not be educational leaders.

    After 6 years as a teacher, i thought I was pretty good. Now, after my 19th, I look back and laugh at how much better I am today. Wouldn't it be great if a principal were able to walk into a classroom, watch a lesson, and be able to say, "have you thought about....", or "maybe you should ...." or "what worked for me was...." How can a teacher only in the classroom for 6 years have the breadth of experience to be comfortable walking into a veteran teachers classroom and offering guidance? They haven't seen all the "flavor of the month" theories we've been bombarded with. They haven't tried and retried and collected data on best practices.

    Teachers are a funny breed. The best of them (I would say "us" but that would be pretentious) want feedback. The best teachers want principals evaluating their performance often. I think when a principal knows he's only taught for 6 years, he might feel less than comfortable telling the vets whats what.

    Principals used to be in classrooms. Now they are in meetings. Principals "back in the day" taught for 25 years in the school before "ascending" to the throne. They knew all the intricasies and sacred norms. Principals used to be older than the teaching staff.

    The job has changed. More politics and paperwork.

    Congratulations to all the new principals. Expectations are high and the principals that served before you did outstanding work. One question - were there no qualified women for the 4 high school principal positions that were filled in the last few months?

    Great question Mark!

    Deni - oh, wait. She was just promoted to Asst. Superintendent.

    Maybe I'm cynical but here's another H.S. Principal who never taught in a H.S.-and only 5 years of actual teaching experience. How many evaluations have I received from Admin. who have never taught in the H.S. setting? Too many... Business as usual...

    Were there no African-Americans or Asians that were qualified?

    Chris Carter was a high school assistant principal before he was a middle school principal.

    Six comprehensive high schools, one alternative high school, one online high school and one adult education school and not one of the principals is female. What year is this, 1977?

    And not one is African American!
    And not one is disabled!
    And not one is Asian!
    We should look into this, huh? How many principals in elementary school are white? How many principals in middle school are white? How many assistant superintendents are white?
    Let's break it down. How mamy principals in the district are males, females, white, black, Asian, Jewish, disabled, etc.

    We may be able to find a conspiracy somewhere in all of this......
    We have four women on the board, and at least two women are asst. superintendents.
    Mark, why don't you take it upon yourself to get this information since you are so concerned.

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