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    July 22, 2011


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    Heaven help us if she is in the Assembly. This is the woman who thought disgraced former Orange County Treasurer Chris Street should design and run the CUSD budget. He was found guilty of misuse of funds with which he was entrusted.

    She can be a nice lady, but can't think her way out of a paper bag. There are many more more qualified Republicans who could fill that position. It should not be a reward for being the party puppet. Also, ask her her thoughts on public education. It will be rated second to private in her opinion. We need someone committed to quality public education in the Assembly.

    Well, some of that youtube footage that is out there is going to make getting elected in 2014 interesting.


    How can Republicans despise unions? Members join/contribute in order to have a stronger collective voice. Leaders advocate for policy/reform that members support. Those on the forefront are rewarded with luncheons/dinners sandwiched between meetings. Sounds just like the Republican Party.

    The only difference would be that union "executives" serving on committees and attending conventions are elected by members, not appointed. Oh, and diversity of thought, I guess. It's not likely Anna will have a voice of her own after hearing "I have appointed you... based on your... loyalty...."

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