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    July 22, 2011


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    What is going on with the budget? The people at the OC Department of Education are saying CUSD was not given the trans they asked for...because of a big dollar gap in the budget.

    Another reason things are getting back to normal is the election of Pritchard, Hatton and Alpay and the removal of the divisive trustees and their backers. One more election to go and we are through with Beall and buddies forever!

    What people? That's total BS and you know it. Wondering, that's malicious to post such a thing on a public forum, more crap with no proof. Rumor mongering, for what?

    Just when I think a new low has been met, I see another.

    Same ol', same ol' Capo Parent. "Wondering" is just the same group of malcontents that tried (and succeeded to some degree) to take over our district and run it into the ground. Luckily a group of real supporters of CUSD and public education came in and got the true reform started with the new additions to the board. This post is just another tidbit to try to stir the pot by talking about "people at the OCDE" which of course do not exist. Yes, this is a new low but I choose to ignore them. They lost the election and it is a very hard thing for them to accept.

    I must be too bored on my summer break if I'm reading and commenting...

    In the full article, the president of the PTSA is quoted as saying "For the first time in a long time, we’ve had a chance to talk about classroom instruction..." Maybe the PTSA spent all their time with the politics and personnel of the governing board, but we teachers NEVER stopped talking about classroom instruction.

    The "crisis" in the district that caused "rebuilding" was a crisis of leadership. There was never a time that the instructional programs or staff needed rebuilding.

    While the boardroom may have been full of animated citizens, most teachers were quietly going about the business of educating students. Some of those students now attend Harvard, Yale, MIT, and every other outstanding college in the country. API and CST scores rose consistently at most, if not all, schools.

    Teachers NEVER stopped teaching. Our focus was ALWAYS the curriculum. We never stopped talking about standards and best practices. We never stopped writing common assessments and we never stopped analysing the results to improve instruction.

    While this blog was daily filled with some pretty nasty fingerpointing, Peggy Baerst and the staff at Kinoshita took her 90% minority and second language school OUT of program improvement status. They met there AYP and target API scores. That doesn't happen unless teachers are putting forth great effort, collaborating, and maintaining their focus. Well done over there!

    Stories like Kinoshita's were overshadowed. There are dozens if not hundreds of successes over the past several years. The level of education provided by most teachers in CAPOUSD has been excellent.

    Teachers NEVER stopped teaching. Critics will point to the strike and call me out. I concede that point. But over these past several years, the majority of teachers have quietly worked hard to prepare students while enduring a tidal wave of public bashing.

    Dr. Farley has been great. I met him and I like him. But education happens in the classroom and through all the nonsense, the teachers of the district never needed rebuilding.

    Jake - your post is great and I agree that the teachers never stopped teaching and always put that first. However, I must note that the PTA organization was never a part of the "politics" happening in the board room. They were however in the board room because they are all about education and learning and that is what the president alluded to. For once what is happening in the board room is about education, classrooms and students which is what PTA has always put first - "Every child - one voice". The current superintendent still must deal with "politics" and unfortunately the remaining 2 trustees still try to keep the “politics” of their group in the forefront (i.e. in the newspapers) but Farley is out in the schools and classrooms talking about education and learning and he actually supports the efforts of PTA in the schools and classrooms. Remember “Bobbi”?

    Thank you to you and to all of the teachers and staff that have always been putting education first - that is what made this district great in the first place.

    Is anyone else concerned about Farley bringing all his cronies in?

    Why should we be concerned? Farley seems to have CUSD's best interests at heart. We welcome his choices unless he proves otherwise. The two "cronies" (wrong use of English) appear to be quite qualified. We shall wait and see next year.....

    I agree Relax. Most of the recent appointments have been "internal" choices so if he knows of 2 candidates that were stand outs in his old district and the interview committee agrees, why not?

    On top of that, we have lost so many excellent administrators over the last seven years from all of the garbage that went down. They all went to nearby districts. Bringing in a few leaders from outside the district is a good thing.

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