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    August 02, 2011


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    Clearly O'Connell isn't aware of the Armageddon that public employee unions and illegal aliens are going to bring to our schools this coming year.

    Good timing, Register Reader. After the last 100 comments or so, this blog is in desperate need of a little levity.

    I don't know but I been told...

    that the two new high school principals from Anaheim Union were given 20 years experience on the high school principal salary schedule. Has anyone checked their contracts?

    Well, I guess my first question is do they have 20 year's experience in the field? My second question, who told you? Was it the new principals? Was it Farley? Was it someone in personnel? Was it someone from RSM?

    The attached video clip says it so well. Parents, it is time you stand up for your children and their teachers!


    what jollygirl said.

    Waiver your children out of those tests.
    They serve no purpose and they don't benefit ours kids.

    As Matt Damon and jollygirl seem to understand, those tests don't benefit kids or teachers. Teachers and kids already know how kids are doing and can predict their scores. It's the public (taxpayers and parents) that wants some sort of proof and "waivering" kids out would harm the district's performance and its finances. That a lose/lose situation - especially if you own a local home.

    Better to change the system legally than to resort to civil disobedience, enuff. Please contact your legislators and ask that NCLB be revised.

    Good point Reality Check. But the effort to revise NCLB will not be successful without the support of parents. They need to understand the seriousness of this and speak up. Their children's education is at stake. Teachers know about the mischief resulting from the testing debacle. I recall Austin Buffum remarking on that when this all started about a decade ago at a district meeting.

    Parents should "waiver" their kids out of school and home school them all together to keep them away from the mind robbing public employee unions.

    Yes...I have vivid memories of union thugs lurking outside my classroom urging me to abandon my teaching skills, instincts and ethics so that I could get a 2% raise...ah, those were the days. So unlike these days when pay cuts are the norm.

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