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    August 31, 2011


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    OT: Guess what! A Patch reporter (Jenna) crashed the funeral of the young man killed on Del Obispo recently.


    A new level of tackiness for Patch! Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse.

    Way to go Shorecliffs!!! Kenny Moe has worked tirelessly during his tenure as principal and this 40 point gain is a testament to his hard work, the incredible hard work of the teachers at Shorecliffs, and of coarse, the students and parents. Way to go Team Shorecliffs!!!

    Oxford prep in chino has very high test scores and this was the first year. According to the Star test results 2011 site out of the 682 kids tested only 2 students were classified as economically disadvantaged and only 21 were English learners out of 682 students.

    The teachers and administrators at all the school in CUSD should be congratulated. Great job and thanks for all your hard work!

    Also to add on to my previous post Oxford Prep Academy in Chino is located at what was El Rancho Elementary. According to the Star results of 2009 out of the 382 students tested 333 were classified as economically disadvantaged and 179 were classified as English Learners. Where are all these kids now?

    Well Shelly - the people that live around Oxford Prep in Chino for some reason either didn't apply or didn't get accepted or maybe even didn't know they could apply! Gee - wonder how that happened? I also wonder how many economically disadvantaged and/or English Learners will be at their new location at Barcelona Hills Elementary.

    If the board thinks they have ANYTHING to do with these scores they are only fooling themselves. The teachers and staff are the ones responsible for this DESPITE the boards best efforts.

    Congrats CUSD teachers and staff!!!

    Students and parents have a lot to do with it too. But your right, the board doesn't have jack to do with this.

    I, for one, have been better able to focus on my classroom with a Board willing to stop the revolving door at the top, stop driving talented administrators out of the district, stop sacrificing my colleagues to pay lawyers and pay-off friends, stop the anti-CUSD dialogue in the press, and stop asking me to pay for what local taxpayers are not able to fund. A Board that values and respects teachers and allows them to focus on their classrooms should be part of the celebration.

    @ Rhetorick,

    You are correct. It starts at home first and foremost. Congrats to the Parents and Students as well.

    @ PIC,

    Good leaders empower their subordinates, take direction from them encourage open dialog and admit they do not have all the answers and are learning constantly as well.

    This has been sorely missing fro a long long time from CUSD.

    Everyone on the board needs to shut up and listen for once and take direction from the community and it's staff instead of telling everyone how things are gonna be.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is they need to ask what is needed instead of telling everyone what they think is best.


    You obviously have not been to a board meeting since December 1. Yes, there were a majority of board members in the past that did not understand or want the best for our district. However, while there are still two board members that do not seem to have the best interests of students, families or teachers, luckily they are now not the majority. Many, many people helped make that a reality (guess you didn't realize that your vote counted). I do hope that come next September you are more educated about who is running for board positions and who has the best interests of the students and teachers at the forefront. And maybew attend a board meeting or two to see what is happening.

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