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    August 26, 2011


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    Did I read somewhere that these two characters are enrolled in private colleges here in CA?

    Wow, can you believe how much easier it would have been to just study and do the work instead?

    I cannot help but wonder why the felony charges would be changed to misdemeanors. Is this justice? Does it occur with all people who do such crimes? Absolutely not. The courts showed mercy...and perhaps the wealthy parents of these students had some influence. In any case, the penalty of the crimes were not consistent with the law.

    Unfortunately, that's one thing that's definitely wrong with society. Look at all the DUI convictions where the punishments are reduced to practically nothing, and the same person does the same thing a year later? Look at the Lindsay Lohan's of the world who get a hand slap. Do these people learn lessons? Nope - they usually end up being repeat offenders. Perhaps if judges got tougher, and actually sentenced according to what the law says is a reasonable punishment, some of these criminals would think twice before repeating their crimes.

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