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    September 07, 2011


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    I will not criticize, for an instant, how things were handled in an emergency situation on the very first day of school. Clearly, a good job done by all. THANKS to ALL the professionals: CUSD, federal, city, etc., for keeping the community and parents calm and informed. But where was the WATER? The students who were actually there tell a different story than the news broadcasted. If federal and local authorities prohibited staff from accessing the available water, we should know that. If there wasn't any water, we need to know that, too.

    The kids and staff were in lock down for around 4 hours. Nobody is going to die from lack of water for four hours. Without any knowledge of where the bomb might be, there was no way the authorities were going to let anyone on campus to get to water.

    Freshman parent,
    Why didn't your student have water with them on such a hot day? I am not accusing you of bad parenting...really. It was a situation that no one could have anticipated and you are correct about how well it was handled. What you need to know is that everyone at that school had your child's well being in mind and always will.

    If I had a child at SCHS, I'd be asking about the water. It's a reasonable question. My guess is that students weren't allowed to visit the lockers or cars as they were heading off to lockdown - so for kids who don't carry water around with them everywhere, it wouldn't have mattered if their parents sent them to school with a bottle. It's also reasonable to assume the school did everything they could to ensure the safety of the students.

    Hopefully, the District will review the incident and solicit feedback about what they could have done differently and what worked well. I'm certain the teachers and administrators as well as the students and parents of SCHS would be excellent resources if we choose to take advantage of this opportunity to improve our disaster readiness throughout the District.

    Hey jollygirl, for the record, my son had a FULL bottle of water with him. Never said he didn't. Do I get a gold star for my excellent parenting skills? Was just asking a question out of a general concern for emergency preparedness.

    Monday he will be going to school sporting a flashlight and a crank radio!

    Hey - I atually heard from staff members (and yes this is second hand information but has a ring of truth to it), that kids were told they could use the drinking fountains and refused to do so. Were they afraid the water was poisened? Doubt it - they just "only" drink bottled water (I HAVE heard that from many students).

    Odd comments,especially since teachers and staff were drinking from the fountains! Most likely one of those rumors....

    San Clemente High School staff and students are to be highly commended for the day.

    I want you to imagine what could have happened and what did not transpire. Please try to be thankful and show your appreciation when things go right.

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