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    September 20, 2011


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    The fact that the old board hired a labor negotiator who is "aligned against the union" is proof of their agenda. A school board that works against its teachers cannot work for its students. Ellen and Sue need some interest-based bargaining training.

    The p.25 quotes describe the last board perfectly.

    This is proof positive that the DA is in the pocket of the teachers' union. NO DOUBT!

    Ironic that the DA, who generated most of the poison over the last few years along with his cronies, would now call the atmosphere toxic. I would say that if Ellen and Sue would first attempt to work with their colleagues when they disagree rather than call their lawyer and then walk out of the room the atmosphere might be more positive.

    That seems to be happening now that the witch hunt has produced no results so one can only hope.

    It's all really gross. It's a microcosm of what's happening in the country right now. Politically, things could not be worse. Ideologies run amuck. I mostly blame right wing activism and the unions unwillingness to adjust itself. Mostly right wing political upstarts though. Things seem to be getting better. Hmmm...What's gone now Lol

    The DA is a laughingstock. Disdain? Oh my, what law does that violate? The First Amendment? Good golly, doesn't the DA support the First Amendment.

    Hey Ellen, why DID you direct staff (with no superintendent) to stop recording closed session? Oh yes - because the tapes contained evidence that you and Larry lied like dogs to the OCRegister. Oh, the irony!

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