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    September 27, 2011


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    What a wonderful addition for parental choice! Thank you Mr. Alpay for not using $$ as an excuse not to have this school. CUSD has had successful dual immersion programs in English/Spanish in several of the elementary schools. The added benefit to producing bilingual-biliterate students was the creation of Latino-Anglo friendships that endured in the higher grades. It is not unusual to see high school students self segregating by race or ethnicity in spite of administrations' efforts to help students desegregate. The dual immersion programs makes this happen naturally.

    CUSD used to teach Japanese language and culture at Concordia Elementary and Chinese language and culture at Las Flores Middle School. The hope was to expand these programs. At that time the biggest stumbling block was finding qualified teachers for the Japanese and Chinese languages. Glad to see CUSD has found a way to bring the Chinese element back in an expanded and comprehensive way. Hopefully this school will be a huge success and the study of Chinese language and culture will be continued through middle and higher grades.

    Thanks CUSD for this exciting new school! I am thrilled to see the school board has returned to focusing on excellence in education and what is best for students.

    The Chinese are communist, this is just more proof the leftist agenda of the teachers union.

    The Register left out any mention of Trustee Alpay and his role in bringing this program to students. Too bad - he worked hard on this.

    Nor did the paper mention that Trustee Bryson questions the legitimacy of "climate change".

    Hope it works. The district will need to hire teachers who are native Mandarin speakers with California credentials. The student body must be composed of 50% of native Mandarin speakers and 50% of native English speakers in each grade. The students will spend 80% of kindergarten being taught and learning Mandarin. Then 70% in first grade, 60% in second grade, etc. In China, all of the children are taught English because English is the common language of business around the world, regardless of the countries involved.

    Register Reader.....while you are burying your head in the sand, the other more open minded people in the world will be preparing their children for a future in a global economy. Congrats to Mr. Alpay who was behind this. In the future, I would love to see CUSD offering many language programs, in addition to Spanish and Chinese. As is well documented, most students outside of the US speak 2 or 3 languages.

    That's only because in those other countries they don't speak English as their first language. If they spoke English as their first language they wouldn't have to speak any other languages. Think about it, can you think of any communist countries that speak English as their first language? No, but there you have the unions with their dual immersion schools teaching Spanish (Red Cuba) and Mandarin (Red China). Connect the dots people, the writing is on the wall.

    RegisterReader, let me ask you this...have you personally been to any of the dual language immersion schools in CUSD? If you opened your mind just a crack, you might learn something about tolerance and cultural understanding.

    It is intolerant people like you who paint everything with a broad, ugly brush. I'm a conservative, and find your rants offensive. Shame on you.

    You guys keep forgetting that Register Reader's comments satirize the anti-union movement They are ALWAYS sarcastic. He/she must be cracking up every time someone takes the bait!

    It's not all that funny to post anonymous opinions you do not hold, as an inside joke to some. Nor is it funny to laugh when others take your words at face value. Unless this blog is closed to new readership, RR is in constant need of correction by someone. (Or his/her own satiric venue.)

    RegisterReader...In a world that takes itself way too seriously, I really appreciate your witty comments. Not all of us have lost our funny bone!! Please continue to do what you do :)

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