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    October 24, 2011


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    I can't say I blame him, I can say I blame some hacks from RSM!

    I CAN say that I blame him. How much is enough? Fleming has enough to retire. He made the decision to resign, yet he is saying that he resigned due to counsel that he received at the time. Take responsibility, man! It is now becoming retributive and is a flagrant attempt to re-capture some of his dignity. It attempting to regain his dignity, he becomes as undignified as those you speak of in RSM.

    It was because of his actions, along with the terrible board we had back then, that Tony and company were able to install a board that was just as bad as the Fleming regime. He doesn't deserve a dime. I for one have not forgotten what a manipulative, scheming man that he was. David Smollar worked for him and did his dirty work. He should have taken the fall with him.

    "I for one have not forgotten what a manipulative, scheming man that he was."

    Well said. And as another wise person said, "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

    Are you talking about Tony Beall? He and his pals should pay back our kids.

    Tony Beall got his power from Fleming's bad deeds. Get a clue Pay CUSD Back!

    Beall, Russell, Reardon and friends promised to pay CUSD back if they won their suits. They received over $500,000 in settlements and they have conveniently been silent on returning the money they took out of the classrooms. I agree that the "Fleming board" helped create an environment that allowed Beall types to take over the board. We corrected that. With the glaring exceptions of Palazzo and Addonizio, the community has restored balance and sanity to the board. Let's agree to support a future where Bealls, Reardon AND Flemings aren't messing up our school district.

    I hope Flemming wins.....again

    There are no winners here. Fleming has every right to sue. He was wronged: by the Board, the D.A., the media, maybe his own lawyer. Bottom line is he broke no law and he was pressured out of an otherwise stellar career. In the end, the District will suffer, whether it is a financial loss or just more bad press.

    The best case scenario is that we learn a lesson. Political games are expensive and the cost is passed on to our children. Grown-ups should not need to sue each other to address differences and police perceived grievances and even scores. When they do, kids pay.

    When the "players of games past" are done/gone/out-of-the-picture, we can refocus on what should be our priority: educating our children. In the meantime, Fleming has every right to sue and the district must do what it can to defend itself. Call it the "cost of doing business" in a world that Tony Beall brought us.

    You will see this same type of lawsuit once this whole coaching scandal is put to rest once the District Attorney decides that there was no wrong doing and charges will not be filed. I hope the CUSD or Farley has some deep pockets!

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