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    October 11, 2011


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    Simply put: Reardon sucks.

    You're being far, far too kind.

    Send Reardon the bill!! What a waste of valuable tax dollars. When he's up for re-election, this little tidbit of info should be reminded to potential voters.

    Over $20,000 that could have been spent on school supplies or equipment to ensure our athletes have a strong program.

    Ellen and Sue - how do you feel about this waste of taxpayer money that should be spent on our kids?


    Weren't those guys going to pay CUSD back when they got the "enemies list" money?
    Where's Beall, Russell and crew now?

    That truly is criminal. They knew all along there weren't any Brown Act violations - it was all a game so they could rag on the "new" trustees by forcing them to say there was a violation. The "new" trustees are so much smarter than that and never accepted that a Brown Act violation had occurred. Now Reardon and his pals really should pay the district back. And Sue and Ellen should be hanging their heads in shame. Letter writing campaign anyone?

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