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    January 19, 2012


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    I personally know several teachers who will take this deal if its offered. Its a no-brainer if you're 1-2 years away from retirement, and i know a couple of teachers who are considering it who are 3-4 years away. Why not? Its a win-win situation. The district gets to eliminate more expensive teachers payroll-wise from the books, and the teachers now have a financial incentive to retire.

    It will be sad to see so many quality individuals leave, but it will financially help the district in the long run. Trust me, there will be no problems getting at least 200 teachers to retire under this plan - seriously, that number will be easily reached, if not easily exceeded.

    I agree with Teacher X. And while we will lose some good teachers we'll also be able to bring back most of the RIF'ed teachers, some of whom have quite a few years of experience. I know a handful of the RIF'ers, all of whom are first-rate.

    Spoke to one of our building reps. He says the district thinks that we won't save much because the RIFers area already higher up the pay scale than a beginning teacher. She thinks the district is wrong about that when it comes to secondary schools. They didn't lose too many people to the Rifs, so many of their replacements for the retirees will probably be new teachers at the bottom of the pay scale (just like Tony and Ellen wanted for everyone!). The elementary Riffers will be the ones who come back at the higher pay rates, more than likely. She also said that assumes that the people on the layoff list come back and that there is an opening in their credential area. Some of our elementary Riffers may have moved on or gotten jobs elsewhere, so there could still be the odd beginning teacher who is replacing a retiree. So, the district will probably save more than they think.

    Time will tell, but what she said sounded logical.

    Spoke with some teachers 2-3 years away from retiring. Also spoke with teachers who are definitely retiring. For the teachers who are definitely retiring, this is like a bonus. For the teachers who are 2-3 years away, they don't think it will be to their advantage to retire. After about 7-8 years, the "bonus" money goes away, and the teachers annual income drops significantly. Too bad that CUEA could not have offered 2-3 years credit instead of 85% of the salary, as this would have guaranteed numerous retirements. As "This sounds good" said...time will tell.

    It also depends upon what is done with retirements. There are severeal ballot measures gathering signatures which would seriously limit teacher pensions. Teacher pensions are already at the low end compared to cops and prison guards, but the public just lumps us all in together. If pensions are limited over the net few years, the folks several years out may regret not taking the plan.

    So does anyone know what happened with the vote on this? Very curious to see if any of us get our jobs back.

    It passed 5-2. More info supposed to be mailed out to potential retirees soon by CUEA.

    Thank you for the update - It has been a long three years! I am curious to see how this all pans out. I have heard different things from previous co-workers. Maybe I should start a campaign to send out information on how wonderful retirement is to coax some who are on the fence? ;-)

    I would be happy to tell anyone about the joys of retirement! Hang in there RIFed...hope you don't have too long to wait. And thanks for waiting...hate to loose good teachers to other jobs!

    3 years? Waiting for a job for 3 years? I'm assuming you (RIFfed)have been pounding the pavement looking for other work. I'm assuming you know that there are other places to teach; Charter schools, private schools, other districts, subbing.... and I'm assuming you haven't been one of those people who have spent 99 weeks getting paid for sitting at home and complaining on blogs about being laid off. Time to turn the page.

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