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    January 11, 2012


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    Palazzo's grandstanding and completely ludicrous behavoir proved to everyone that she needs to be removed. Teacher take note: she and Ellen are blaming teachers for the District's financial woes not the economy even though both Sue and Ellen voted for the contract settlements that were later implemented. Sue and Ellen read from prepared statements written for them by Tony Beall and Craig Alexander. Our fight is not over. Join the effort to remove Palazzo from office in 2012. This is no time to relax

    This just not seem to end! While our new board brings in new and innovative ideas for our district that RELATE to the education of our students, these two (Sue and Ellen) continue their attempts to bring the district down. In all fairness I would bet that the two ladies that speak as board members don't really come up with the words or the plan of attack. They are mouthpieces for others that continue to work against our schools. The one guy sued and spent even MORE valuable CUSD resources (e.g. money) in an attempt to force the district to NOT honor the contract with our teachers that the old board approved! It is beyond comprehension how this could ever fly but they tried. Yes, we all need to be vigilant and proactive related to the upcoming election in November.

    I see this blog is going to be nothing but a forum to spread false and misleading information, you have absolutely no proof that either Beall or Craig A even discussed the issue. From what I have read and witnessed is Ellen and Sue question if a trigger had been met, and having been begging for a finding of fact.

    105 million dollar loan.....bankrupt capo is no way to win re election children first

    I have a multi-year loan (called a mortgage) and borrow to ease my cash-flow situation (from American Express) and have reserves I never touch (my kids 529s) and I pay the people I hire according to the contracts I sign (because it's moral.) Does that make me bankrupt? No.

    CUSD is not bankrupt either, Bad. And Ellen and Sue know all the facts. They are simply being asked to borrow money the district needs which will be paid back, so that the district can continue to educate its children and fulfill its financial obligations as the state recovers.

    Even in tough times, we are better off than the morally bankrupt board of years past.

    Ellen and Sue are kooks. And crooks.


    There is no way that Ellen or Sue can present their positions without reading from prepared remarks. Once they start being questioned they collapse since they aren't capable of making public comments without embarassing themselves. Anyone who has been around CUSD for the past few years knows that these statements are written for them. Beall maybe: who was part of $655,000 in out of court settlements Sue and Ellen supported? Jim Reardon, perhaps the craziest of them all, who also shared in the hundreds of thousands of dollars in settlements for an "enemies list" that was shown to be non-exisistent? Craig Alexander who convinced Sue and Ellen to sue our District for bogus reasons and then expected our kids and schools to pay his legal fees with Ellen and Sue supporting that idea?!?!?

    Sue and Ellen aren't smart enough to write their own statements and they are serving their constituents poorly. Ellen will move on to the water district in 2014 perhaps but Palazzo is being FIRED this November. For you and the dozen of so others that hover over CUSD hoping for more monies to land in your pockets from lawsuits be warned that defending someone like Sue Palazzo just shows how desparate and out of touch your dirty dozen really are.

    Let the checks bounce, stop paying our employees, shut off the lights, shut down the District? That is what Sue and Ellen wanted Monday night. That isn't what the voters of CUSD wanted when they voted for balance and sanity last November. Thank you Anna Bryson, John Alpay, Lynn Hatton and Gary Pritchard for putting these two out of touch crazies in their places

    Parent, never once did Sue or Ellen suggest to shut down the district, you are a complete liar! Listen to the tape and you will find they asked to delay in order to have further review and to put a more critical eye on the money. What is shocking is changing the amount from 25 to 30 million borrowed and not a single concern or question from the union puppet board, 105 in debt.....pathetic


    In the words of Ronald Reagan, "there you go again." There is no union puppet board. Your statements asserting that there is shows you are completely clueless in your observations or understanding of who is on the board or how they got elected. You have lost all credibility when you make false statements like that.

    The need to take out a short term loan has been explained at length in the past and the issues Sue and Ellen continue to raise have been answered in detail many times. They are either trying to stall or just can't comprehend. Perhaps they do understand but their marching orders are to delay, confuse and obstruct. None of the board members, the superintendent or Lebs could even understand their logic. That includes Bryson who obviously has lost patience with both of them. Ellen and Sue spin around their own planet oblivious to the facts as they have continuously been presented to them. They don't like what they hear but that doesn't mean what they are hearing isn't the truth. They are being used as puppets by a handful of people that can't seem to grasp that there is now a strong majority on the board that are NOT union puppets and NOT Beall/Reardon puppets either. There are five trustees doing what is best for CUSD and they don't have a shallow agenda like Sue and Ellen do. Sue and Ellen's actions, if successful, would shut down the district and that was made very clear to them. Regardless they voted "no" and were in the minority again.

    I spoke the truth and you are having a hard time comprehending the facts. Sue and Ellen don't like what the majority is doing and they can't even write their own speaches when trying to explain themselves. They are a total embarassment.

    School districts are all using this type of bridge loan to get through to July and August. This is responsbile financing and budget management. Compare that to the former "reform" board who spent millions in needless elecdtions, attorney fees, out of court settlements to their campaign donors and more.

    The voters of CUSD spoke very loudly and quite clearly last November.

    Parent...well put. I too think those two are trying to stall. It seems they need coaching on their responses, and the only way to buy time for that is by stalling. I've been to many board meetings, and I can't believe how often they implode when left to their own devices when responding. I think the OC Republican party needs to bow out of what should be non-partisan school district affairs. I am saying this as a Republican, who feels that the OC Republican Party, the Beall's, Riordan, Alexander definitely do not represent me...and I am tired of the circus they create.

    You are so right hkw. This really should be non partisan that is FOR the kids. Instead we get "statements" that the hapless two willingly pass along that they can't back up because it really wasn't their opinion. Then we have the back door attempt to wreck havac using charter schools which I usually would agree with. In CUSD though, charter schools are NOT needed and OPA's use of the idea makes a mockery of their original intent.

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