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    January 09, 2012


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    And the rest of the story is how pathetic Sue and Ellen were during the meeting. Even suggesting that CUSD be shut down?@?!?! They read from scripted notes ( provided by amubulance chaser Craig Alexander ) and can't form complete sentences or thoughts even when their words are written for them. They sounded like fools. The other board members, including Anna Bryson, took them to the woodshed for their bizare comments. Sue is out of here in the next election

    Ah yes. Here we go again.

    Sorry but I disagree 100% with you.......before you borrow 105 million dollars I think it is reasonable to ask for a delay for further review of the financial situation . And to keep the record straight it was Alpay who suggested shutting down the district in his immature rant , why one might ask......he is exposed for his incompetence in the way he has handled CUSD finances. Bankruptcy looks like a real possibility, what a shame the district was in such better finical health before the last election.

    Incorrect information from start to end "bad"

    Alpay did an excellent job exposing Palazzo and Addonizio for what they were: mouthpieces for Alexander and Beall who want to further hurt CUSD. CUSD will get monies from property tax in the summer and, just like every other district in the region, a bridge loan is what is needed before we get those monies. Alexander, Beall, Palazzo and Addonizio only want to siphon money away in lawsuits to them selves or their friends and financially tie CUSD so that we need to do even more painful cuts. The "studies" were already done. Lebs did an excellent job pointing out that without this action no one would get paid. That is in fact what Palazzo and her t master want.....to freeze the district and creat chaos. There is nothing about the current board that is similar to the "Fleming Board". The current board is widely appreciated for restoring normalcy to the district. Bryson and Brick are in support of the three newly elected trustees. There are perhaps six people still wanting to return to the days of chaos and disfunction. CUSD voters were very clear that that nonsense is over and 2012 will just prove it again. The Beall board approved the contracts with the employees that are now being discussed. Our current circumstances are almost completely the fault of the RSM mayor, his wife and a few attorneys that are addicted to tea and their own dilusions of self importance. The Beall era of holding CUSD hostage is over. Accept it and move on.

    Good job Alpay, Bryson, Hatton and Pritchard for showing everyone how inept Sue and Ellen really are.

    Palazzo and Ellen had carefully prepared statements that were obviously written for them by their handlers. Once the other board members started to question them about their assertions, both of them collapsed since they couldn't make logical arguments to state their opinions and ended up as total embarassments. The audio will be up on the district web site soon and anyone that thought that Palazzo deserved to be re-elected will be repulsed by how badly she and Ellen did representing their positions. Maybe they need earpieces so that Beall and Alexander can speak directly to them when the going gets rough. I can hear the conversation now: Tony: "Move to approve an out of court settlement so that I can get a couple of hundred thousand more dollars from CUSD" or from Alexander "move to approve attorney fees payable to me of $15,000 and put me on a long term retainer".

    There are still vultures circling over CUSD. Fortunately we have five trustees that have seen through the Beals$$t and recognize self serving politicians when they present themselves.

    Palazzo and Addonizio could do everyone a lot of good and resign now.

    Same ole rants by the never ending union supporters......yawn, yawn. The union elected board members are going to have to defended the votes made that lead to borrowing 106 million dollars, good luck with that!

    Bad - other districts are in the same boat because of actions by the State and the Orange County Board of Supervisors. We read the papers. We know what is going on. We want solutions, not more political machinations.


    I am not and never have been a union member. Typical inventions of lunacy from the anti-teacher crowd is what I read from your responce

    Sign this petition if you want to end all OPA affiliations with Barcelona Hills Elementary School.

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