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    January 31, 2012


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    Does anyone know the answer to these questions? I read that charter schools do not offer free and low cost meals and that is what keeps the low income from even applying. Is this true? I was also told that charter schools do not offer IEP's or have the staff to support a special needs child. Is this true or does it depend on the charter? Does an application for OPA ask any questions about IEP's or special needs that need to be addressed upon enrollment?

    OPA's charter application was available on the CUSD website where I read it last year. Not sure if it is still there. As I recall they have to honor/offer IEP's for their students when needed. But I think they also work with the district to provide services...not sure how that works. I don't know the answer to the free and reduced meals...but that is a very good question and assumption on your part if they don't.

    If I remember correctly both of those comments were in a newspaper article about the OPA's other site and why they were 0% reduced lunches and the school closest to them had like 90% free lunch. I just don't remember if it was a comment or fact based information. I also don't know if it is all charter schools or just this one.

    found the info I was looking for...

    Under the National School Lunch Act, qualifying low-income children who attend traditional schools are required to receive at least one free or reduced price meal. But charter schools, under the Charter Schools Act of 1992, are exempt from that federal law. Participating in the federal breakfast or lunch programs is optional

    So the question is does OPA offer free lunch at either of its school sites?

    OPA DOES NOT offer special education services. Basically, CUSD is still on the hook for those. When they get a special ed kid, they literally walk him over to Barcelona's special ed teachers and have them write up the IEP and start the services. The quote that some of us were told by two CUSD Barcelona teachers was along the lines of, "He belongs on your side of the school." way to go, Oxford, way to show real concern. CUSD remains responsible for any OPA student who is learning disabled.

    So much for OPA really making a difference. If their special ed kids (and, they have hardly any) achieve well, will they give our CUSD special ed teachers credit? Somehow, I think not...

    So Mr. Maddox changes his name to Lopez-Maddox and now has dropped the Maddox all together - instant Latino! He must be getting ready to run for something else. He needs to know though that the Latino vote isn't huge in Aliso Viejo - he might need to look for another "new" name.

    I think he got tired of wearing his wife's ex-husband's last name!

    wasn't Lopez the Ex wife's husbands last name? How Liberal!!!!!

    He has posted again - Mr. “all knowing” Lopez - about charter schools. The AV Patch editor claims he is writing as a resident of Aliso Viejo under “Local Voices”. I would love to hear ANY proof that he ever actually lived in Aliso Viejo! And anyway, who would want an article by a school board member that was supposed to represent Aliso Viejo residents and was recalled by every precinct in the city and is now posting under a new name - yes, that of his wife's ex husband? It is actually pretty funny, but sad.

    They will let a pseudo resident post misleading and inaccurate blogs as an "analyst" but they draw the line at anyone else who admits to being a resident of some other city. Because we all know that a teacher who happens to live outside of the district can't have anything relevant to say on the issue of charter schools.

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