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    February 27, 2012


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    Was Patton really fired tonight! Will this lead to a litigious battle in the courts? Will this lead to poor PR for CUSD? Has the CUEA made any stance or offered any help whatsoever to these coaches? These are the questions I have regarding the current and future reputation of CUSD.

    Should we begin an investigation into Farley? I hear he sanctioned his coaches in Anaheim to do the same thing as Patton, et al. Is this a case of the pot calling the kettle black? Hmm. Perhaps he needs to be removed from CUSD before he does any additional harm.

    Come on people! Just because the guy is an incredible coach and is great with kids doesn't mean he didn't break the law. Yes, we all respect Patton for the excellent job he does... BUT, the excellent job that he does does not put him above the law. There is a cult of personality that has developed around Patton that argues we should look the other way because Patton has a winning program that farms kids into college football programs. It simply isn't moral, ethical, or logical to subscribe and promote such a way of thinking.

    On top of this, did anyone notice that Patton announced his retirement just a few hours before he was fired?

    Get Real: if these coaches broke the law, why hasn't the DA filed charges? Neither the school board nor the CUSD administration is a court of law. The coaches may have violated District policies, but District policies are not laws.

    Get Real - Patton hasn't been found guilty. Up to now, there are only allegations. Did you read the letter published by his lawyer? Sounds like CUSD could be mistaken. Time will tell....Can someone say "Fleming."

    Get Real - Make sure you have all the facts. Coach Patton submitted his intent to retire from being a head coach, not from teaching a month ago, but the district didn't bother to tell anyone. It is customary for a head coach to wait until after the team banquet before announcing a retirement or resignation. To do so before hand would draw attention away from the kids and their hard work, which is something Coach Patton would never do. I've known this man for 26 years and he is all about being a teacher and a coach. He is one of the most humble men I have ever met and worked with.

    Cat - What these coaches have been accused of happened several years ago when there were no clear district policies in place. I happened to have been married to one of the accused who has already been reinstated. I know first hand how the funds were handled. It was the way it was done back then. There was nothing dishonest about it. The district is probably just irritated because they weren't able to capture their percentage of "indirect costs," which is an amount of money they take whenever any funds are earned or collected, including grant monies, and filtered through the district office.

    Any chance the District will now investigate current CUSD administrators who also purchased from Lapes in 1993? Now that they have the coaches out of the way, you would think they would focus on the administrators who hands are just as dirty as the coaches mentioned.

    Yeah, some of whom have been promoted to the district office over the years!

    I teach in CUSD. This stuff has been going on for decades. Its common knowledge. It may have been ethically murky, but illegal? No way. Often, the "slush funds" were used for such things as extra equipment, or even equipment for kids whose parents couldn't afford pads, helmets, gloves and so on. I'm not saying that this was the way it was all of the time, but it was for much of the time.

    If the Sheriff's Department and the D.A. don't indict these three men, then the district should rehire them immediately. No indictment, no possible guilt. No guilt, no grounds for termination.

    ANybody see the Tony Beall was principal for a day in SVUSD? YUK!!! When is this guy getting kicked out of office?


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