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    March 06, 2009


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    Laura Pasqua

    Then let THEM drink the water!!!

    Clint Worthington

    When you read the report, the leak was discovered in December 1988. It is now March 2009. We sent someone to the moon and back several times within ten years. Twenty one years later, Chevron is still trying to figure out how to clean this up.

    It is obvious that they are not rocket scientists.

    In the meantime, we continue to pay higher water costs to import our water from the MWD. If Chevron was a standup company, twentyone years ago they would have said we have a problem, we will do what it takes to get this cleaned up and discuss the details later.

    Chevron would also say, let us pay the costs for the higher imported water while we get mitigage this problem.

    A recent poll in the OC Register and LA Times lists Chevron here in SJC as the highest price gasoline in Orange County.

    It is time that we stop sitting on our hands while Chevron does nothing after twentyone years.

    The appropriate action needs to be taken by the citizens of SJC and the City Council.

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