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    April 20, 2009


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    Don Tryon

    HOORAY for Kimberleigh. We need more like her.
    Without her help we may have to re-write the song about our swallows and call it "When the crows come back to Capistrano"


    My heart breaks regarding the news about the Cliff Swallows nests being destroyed. I am a Wa. resident waiting for the retirement day very soon to come and live in San Clemente.

    Since I was a young girl I remember the lovely swallows being at the mission in SJC. I was counting the months til I could come back and see them again.

    PLEASE somebody HELP to see that the swallows will not desert our beautiful town and go somewhere else!

    Dwaine Goodwin

    Have sent Lowe's corporate a definitive e-mail on the actions of their store manger and my and my company's decision to cease using Lowe's as a source of materials until such time as they prove their community worthiness. Destruction of a migrating fowl's habit may well be a violation of state or federal regulations. It is a citeable action in San Juan Capistrano by my understanding.

    I would hope there is just such an ordinance in San Clemente if not in California.

    Dwaine Goodwin

    Added commentary for the Lowe's Swallows:

    "The California Department of Fish and Game, the enforcement agency, considers February 15 to September 1 to be the swallow nesting season. Nests during this breeding season cannot be touched without a permit from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service."

    There are additional requirements and codicils to the code but the essential information is contained above. This was enacted from the Migratory Bird Act of 1918 which protects migratory insectivorous birds and as such all swallows are protected under this act. As a result certain activities, such as nest destruction, are subject to legal restrictions.

    Just perhaps someone may wish to inform the Lowe's manager of their exposure to legal reprecussions.


    thanks to Kimberly,

    I was unaware of this colony down at Lowe's. Rest assured, I won't be shopping there until some changes are made- AND QUICKLY. Unbelievable ignorance, all because of a few droppings- give them panchos. Coming up all the way from from Argentina , and then this "enabled" society just moves forward with chicken wire- think first before acting like neanderthal - for once.

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