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    February 09, 2010


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    Is that democracy?

    Sounds just like the school board who just turns off the microphone if they don't want to hear what you have to say. They must be friends since Trustee Bryson knows "everyone".


    Seems we already have a built in mute button where it is MOST damaging. Nielsen appointed most of the commission members when he was mayor and these committee members understand that if they disagree with a council member at a meeting or in the paper,they will face being publicly humiliated or let go. Allevato reminds them that they serve at the pleasure of the council.
    Do you recall that Allevato didn't want Mr. Murphy even on a commission because Murphy had criticized the council in some letter? How about when Allevato was critical of another commissioner and made veiled threats that she should be removed or "talked to" because of a letter she wrote.

    We have a "ruling class" right now on council that already appointed their czars and as long as the czars do as council wants them to or they agree with the way council wants things then there no problems.

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