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    April 07, 2010


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    sick of corruption

    This stinks alright. Does the DA know that as part of this deal, Brad Gates secretly negotiated "double-tracking" to our town center?

    Speaking of something not smelling right, the RMV open space purchase was handled the same way - all negotiated and agreed to behind closed doors.

    When you read the agreement, you can see why. It's so bad that no realtor in their right mind would have allowed their client to agree to it.

    This is what happens when you allow developers who were exempted from filing conflict-of-interest disclosure forms, to serve as real property negotiators on behalf of us taxpayers. $30 million down the drain and we can't even set foot on the majority of that property.

    But you do get something - the bill. Your property taxes will be increased $32 for every $100,000 of assessed value. Such a deal!


    Can't set foot on the Open Space??? Try getting off the couch and have at it. It is open and usable.

    Double tracking to the town center? Check your facts. Not so. It was a passing spur near Saddleback Christian School similar what is south of town. City manager and assistant city manager attended the discussions. Council voted not to support it.

    sick of corruption- get involved and run for council in November.

    check your facts

    The city sent out a press release stating that the public is prohibited access to the Rancho Mission Viejo Riding Park because it is under lease to a third party.

    The mayor confirmed that at a recent public workshop, stating that he tried and even HE couldn't set foot on the Rancho Mission Viejo Riding Park (even named after the seller's company) because it's being leased to someone else.

    I hike frequently in the REAL open space (not the commercial development negotiated by the open space committee members), which is comprised of land donated mostly by Glendale Fed when they wanted to build homes off Cerro Rebal, but didn't want to deal with the sliding hillsides that comprised part of their planned development. They wisely donated it to the city; they didn't charge the taxpayers for unusable open space. That's how it used to be done.

    So far it seems that these open space "deals" have less to do with open space and more to do with commercial/development at taxpayer expense.

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