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    March 10, 2011


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    Jim Reardon

    For sale: Tired Old Newspaper with unsustainable ad rates

    For sale: Tired Old Water Company with unsustainable water rates

    For sale: Tired Old GWRP - never realized the dream

    Same story in all places. The prices got so high, the advertisers went elsewhere. The water rates got so high that consumption actually went down. Too bad we planned for all this growth. Census tells us it didn't happen in the last 10 years. Instead, we exported the rich residents and imported the poor. This is not a success of water conservation. It's a simple matter of survival. The poor don't water their lawns. More and more of our middle-class are doing the same. Brown is the new green.

    For sale: Ventanas

    For sale: Lower Rosan

    For sale..


    Same old comments from reardon......

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