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    July 29, 2011


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    Gia Lugo

    I do not support the hunting of wild coyotes.

    Jim Reardon

    There are no "wild" coyotes in San Juan Capistrano. The ones that pillage our neighborhoods are cosmopolitan adaptations, inter-bred with domestic dogs and quite unafraid of humans. These animals need to be exterminated. They are dangerous to our kids, and no less, our pets.

    Just a few miles out of town, you'll experience something very different. Coyotes out there would never get near a human or approach an inhabited residence. They are truly wild.

    If you live on the verge of our much-vaunted "Open Space", you have no protection from marauding feral dogs. Eventually, some child is going to be seriously hurt if this situation isn't brought under control. Until the authorities acknowledge this problem, YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN.

    Keep your kids safe. Keep in mind that you live in a community where people are more concerned an militant about the behavior of other people's dogs, while allowing "wild" animals to hunt our children (and pets).


    There have always been wild coyotes in San Juan Capistrano. I am not sure where your from, but when I grew up here you could listen to them howl you to sleep at night. I've seen them countless time growing up and yes they probably ate 20 of my animals growing up, but that is part of living in SJC. If you live near open space then you should realize your living with wild animals that were there long before you. We have animal control for feral dogs.

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