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    September 20, 2011


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    Wouldn't the "home business" restrictions apply?

    If the group is organized as a church and collecting "tithes" (and what Smith-related church wouldn't be collecting cash?) then it would seem to qualify as a business. And since they want to keep as much of that cash as possible, I'll bet they're organized as a non-profit, which clearly makes them a business.

    SJC home business rules state no meetings. 400 square foot max area. And no employees or staff other than family members. Sounds like they've violated all of those.


    I doubt that the neighbors object to the event being a Bible study group. What they object to is "street access and parking."

    What really needs to happen is for the Fromm family to meet with the neighbors, possibly with a professional mediator present, to discuss ways to modify the events so the neighborhood is not impacted.

    I don't know what events led up to the neighbors' complaint with the City, but I think it's unfortunate that the tendency today is to call in the authorities and invoke a law when one is inconvenienced by one's neighbor. Sometimes a cordial face-to-face discussion will resolve the issue, but we have become accustomed to contacting the authorities first rather than the person with whom we have a grievance.

    Again, I don't know what the neighbors tried first, and this could have been their last resort.


    WRT MDRackham's comments: is there any evidence, particularly in what the city is saying as justification, supporting any of the allegations about this gathering being organized as a church or small business?

    If there is, that could reasonably be a different discussion. If not, what does the hypothetical have to do with the situation?

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