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    September 29, 2011


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    The Time reporter seems to be trying to create even more confusion over this issue. Since when do "friends getting together for barbecues" or "weekend football viewing parties" involve the "nonprofit or fraternal group" that the city code calls out?

    This isn't about having a party at your house, this is about a formally organized non-profit having regular meetings in a residence, presumably to save the expense of renting proper commercial space. Those of us who play by the rules and pay commercial rent are not amused by people who hide behind prayer as way to skirt the rules.

    And to Stephanie Fromm: playing the martyr over property taxes is rather unbecoming. Paying property taxes doesn't get you anything other than the right to keep your property. Other laws still apply to you.


    Cry me a river. We'll see what happens at the hearing on the 7th.



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