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    October 11, 2011


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    Jim Schneider

    Is there an election coming up soon? Interesting....

    May have to update my webpage...

    I see water bills are still out of hand....


    "Reeve, as you recall, ran with Jim Reardon and Clint Worthington."

    That would explain Jim Reardon's unstinting support for Reeve's plagiarism really being the responsibility of a editor/journalist who pointed them out


    Oh how a few can cause so much non-Common Sense grief. We know who they are, loud, illogical, crying wolf on imagined conspiracies, and bringing bad press to our city. They all want thier 15-minutes of fame, and two-minutes of Tuesday podium shock. It's really getting old. It was fun at first, water conspiracies, spending too much, secret deals... Now Reeve has brought National embarassment, by his leadership failing in tactfulness to others and attempting to justify his actions. His few followers keep attempting to justify his acts. I give thanks that my community has at least four stand up councilmembers, (don't always agree with thier decisions); but they are dedicated to us, not thier egos! At least Reeve was the pick of the non-sensible litter backed by the non-common sense folks. Think of the mess we'd have with Reardon or Worthington!!!

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