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    October 10, 2011


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    "I take this opportunity to thank the many members of the San Juan community who have expressed their support of my recent positions."

    You have supporters who endorse your blatant plagiarism? That is sad news.

    "These gentlemen never mentioned the fact that I was being pressured to forego my constitutional right of free speech."

    Because it is not a fact. Your constitutional protected right to free speech was not abridged in the slightest. If it were, no one would be taking you to task for your comments.

    They are exercising their right to free speech, which they, like you, have too.

    For a council-member, you display an abysmal lack of understanding as to what the First Amendment entails. Say anything you want, but expecting that every one else to defer to your dishonesty is simply playing the victim.

    "However, in normal everyday communication, not to mention blogging, it is impossible for us to precisely identify each antecedent and besides, the atmosphere is much more relaxed and informal (or so I thought)."

    Impossible? No. Difficult perhaps. But here is the thing. When you were plagiarizing, it was not as if you accidentally thought of exactly those words, and could not remember that you did so. You deliberately plagiarized. And when people do it, and get caught, they often rectify their error. You did nothing of the sort. Heck you were directed to the instances where you plagiarized!

    The lack of a subsequent admission of dishonesty reflects poorly on you, and your integrity.

    "I doubt if any of us have had a totally original idea in the past 50 years."

    Your doubt has little to do with your plagiarism. You are not being accused for not having an original idea, you are being accused (with copious samples) of stealing someone else's work and presenting it as if it were your own. And instead of coming clean, you are doubling down. Shamelessly.

    "A recent poll by The OC Register showed massive local support for my position."

    Yeah, a poll taken during 1850s in the south indicated massive support for the right to own slaves. So what? A newspaper poll is hardly scientific, and you should know that. Here is one that has about the same majority numbers as yours:

    Now what?

    'The latest attack is in the form of the charge of plagiarism by a “journalist” on Patch, an arm of the Huffington Post.'

    Not an attack, it is statement of fact with abundant evidence. If you were a repentant human, you'd accept your mistake, and try not to repeat it in your future ventures. I sense that you are a Christian, ask yourself if Jesus would approve?

    For those taken in by Mr. Reeve's accusations, judge for yourself:

    Aren't you curious that he did not provide a link to "the latest attack"?

    Shameful, Mr. Reeve. If your original exercise in naming your dog Mohammed was to teach your kids the value of freedom of speech, this could have been an opportunity to show how to show contrition for your dishonest conduct.

    Instead, you have chosen to double down, impugning the integrity of other council members and a journalist. It is not as the other members forced you to plagiarize. Someday your kids will look at this, and it is my hope that they forgive you for maligning people's character.

    SJC deserves better. And you can still be the guy. All you have to do is come clean and admit your plagiarism and try not to repeat it.

    Is that so hard for someone who identifies himself as a Christian?

    Jake Joseph

    Why do local papers continue to print stories about and from this nut job?


    SK: thank you for a very well-put rebuttal. I had similar thoughts when reading Mr. Reeve's article, but I wouldn't have posted nearly such a thought-through comment.

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